Receipt and Taiwan Lottery


Uniform-Invoice Prize Winning Numbers for Months 3-4, Year 2009


Bloody H... 200+ receipts and not even 200 bucks...


Usual arguments here. I want to check them, but SO has other ideas.
"No, I want to check them..."
"But you hate gambling, whys hould you check them?"
"It's not gambling."
"Yes, it is, a state sanctioned lottery".
"No it's not a lottery, it's chance."

Notwithstanding the fact that 2 months ago we won $200 and then she lost the winning receipt. People have been hanged for less.


Well almost anyways, after I told my gf that we didn't win anything this time she decided that it was my fault (bad luck on my part) apparently I should have saved 20 for her to check, she would have won...


I've been sticking my receipts in a drawer for the last six months and I haven't checked them yet.


YOu could be sitting on a grand prize. What if the time limit was up??? ARgh you would say. Better check them. I always had my girl check it, so i dont rub off any bad luck (as she called it). She always won a few 200s and sometimes a 1000 and once a 4000.


I've already won about $3000 total in a year-and-a-half.

It really is free money. I love it! :sunglasses:


Anybody know if the May-June numbers have been released?


Was released on 25/7. They are always here:

Its actually the only "English" news they publish these days :slight_smile:

PS. The releases dates are written on the back of the receipt.
Month 7-8 will be 25 September
Month 9-10 will be 25 November
Month 11-12 will be 25th January

The dates in the third row are when you can pick it up.

Didn't win anything this time, had 1000 last time. :discodance:


And if that site isn't working (as it wasn't a few minutes ago), you can get it in Chinese here:

I didn't win anything, either. :frowning:


Heh! Got a 4000$ winner! Porno emporiums, liquor stores and Nigerian crack dealers smile, please!


You bastard.
Mine's a double Maker's, easy ice.


I just won 10,000! :sunglasses: :slight_smile: :smiley:

(triple checked) :discodance:


U lucky devils!


wow, first time i heard someone winnning that much. I think u need to go to a bank to cash that in. I wonder if they take 20pct for tax tho?




And here I was happy with my $600. :aiyo:


Be happy; 13 years and I've won $200 fewer times than I can count on one hand. :aiyo: :aiyo: :aiyo: :wink:


Here's a quick Ruby script you can use to check your receipt numbers against the winning lotto numbers. In the Mac OS X terminal, you just need to run

ruby lotto.rb entries.txt winners.txt

where lotto.rb is the below code, entries.txt is a line separated list of all of your receipt numbers, and winners.txt is a line separated list of the winning numbers.

# ruby lotto.rb entries.txt winners.txt
entries =[0]).split
winners =[1]).split
winners.each do |winner|
  0.upto(5) do |i|
    entries.each do |entry|
      puts entry if /#{entry[i..(i+2)]}$/ =~ winner

Yes, I find odd ways to amuse myself on a Sunday afternoon.


I'm trying to work out if I have a winning receipt or not....

On the Tealit site it says...."If any of your receipts has the same last three numbers, in the same order, you win NT$200."

Do they mean, the same numbers as are shown (on their site) or the same in 999, 888, 777...etc?


The same numbers shown. If one of the numbers is 12345678, and you have a ticket with xxxxx678 you win.