Receipt and Taiwan Lottery


Tempo Gain got there first


OK! ....sobs, screw up receipts, swears..... :cry:


How could 999 be in a different order?

I only won $200 this time.. still praying for the big one.




Two million. Imagine the possibilities...


You also have to be careful that you're looking at the right set of numbers, no? 'Cos there are two: One set you get gradually more depending on how many numbers you have as explained before, and the second set, you have to have all the numbers in the same order to win. There are 3 of each.

This was our first full chance this time (we only had a few receipts for the 7/8 one this year), and I was delighted to win NT$200. It mayn't be much, but it's a free lunch for 2 skint students! :smiley:


Got 200 nts!!! :discodance:


Yeah, this time I got NT200, too. Woohoo!


Hey the more you spend the more chances of hitting a winner?


No, you just have to be standing near enough to a winner to hit them.


The tides are changing; 4 x$200. :smiley:


For this month's 3 digit (757) number, is it anywhere in the full number or just the last end 3? The gov site was a little spotty on that...


The last time they offered the additional prize (Months 7-8, Year 2009), the condition was "NT$200 for matching all the three digits above to the ones which appear at end of the total of the eight digits on an invoice." That's likely what it should be, and someone was sloppy when they prepared the new list.


good job, the trick is to get as many of those phapiaow as possible. Its a numbers game .

p.s. phapiaow = receipt in tommian (me no pinyin)


Sounds almost German "Papier" to me... At least when you imagine it spoken the American way (eg. with a mouth full of bubble gum).


Oh for fuckssake Tommy, take half an hour out of your busy posting schedule and learn pinyin already!


I refuse to, I want to set up another political party in Taiwan. Get more action on the legislative floor? MOre filibustering. :smiley:


Can someone clarify the higher end prizes for me. All I ever see listed is the smaller amounts, followed by 10,000, 40,000, 200,000. Yet I constantly see '2 million' being referred to. Is that just americanese for 200,000, or is there really a 2,000,000 prize?

And if so, what do you need to win it?


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Dude, say whuh? I thought it was the British who like to say "thousand million" for billion... actually, the first time I heard thousand billion was from a Clinton-hater on the radio in the US back in the 90's, and I thought he had made that up just to avoid saying "bill"ion.

Three years, one 200NT win, and I pick them off of other people's tables at restaurants if the opportunity presents itself.