Receipt and Taiwan Lottery


If you get 100 reciepts then you have a one in a million chance of winning 2 million NT dollars.


Thanks Dragonbones.


'Say whuh?" back at ya. :wink: 200,000 = Two hundred thousand. And 2000,000 means 2 million.
I think you might be adding a few zeros there...

Considerably better odds than no chance in a million. :sunglasses:


No no no (a la Winehouse, head shaking like a bobblehead) - I'm saying where you getting the "2 million" being Americanese for 200,000 - the billion thing was a side note. I never heard of someone saying we merkins use 2 million for 200k. Not like "aluminum" vs "aluminium"...


Statistically, one chance in a million is pretty much the same as no chance in a million. How close to zero do you need to go to consider it zero?


Well TAipei city has bout 5 million people and one a day die on a motorcycle. Thats one chance in five million. Not significant for the other 4,999,999 persons but pretty significant for that ONE.

The lotto is the same.


I stand corrected. Once again confused on the internet. But since we're on the topic I found this in my search for evidence.

A million seconds is 12 days. A billion seconds is 31 years. A trillion seconds is 31,688 years.

et pur si muove... aka - long as the odds are, people win, yes? Why not you or me Dr McCoy?


What he said.


TwoTongues, Totally offtopic. But how come you have EXACTLY the same avatar as Jason West has on facebook? ... ent-ousted

Anyway. Thanks for the heads up, need to go and check my numbers now =P


I check mine since it's free. With odds of one in a million every two months I figure I should win about once every 166,666.7 years. And then I'll pay off my credit card balance.


What's the difference between having the last three digits on a regular and grand?

I have the last three digits on a grand price (775) receipt I still win $200NTD or no cigar?



You got nothing for the last 3 digits on the grand prize numbers. I thought so, took it in, I was sorely disappointed.


Shit.... :fume: :noway:


Another redundant thread by the same OP.


[color=#FF0000]Keep your Taiwan lottery questions in this thread.



Hi there:
I just searched the forum for the link where I can check the numbers on the receipts, but they all seem expired? getting frustrated... hope somebody can post a link... also - how long are the numbers on the receipt good for? I mean I have so many receipts now from this month, but how long are they valid ..?
and if there is a winning number - what to do? :slight_smile:
thanks Forumosians!


A search throws up this thread: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2905&hilit=Receipt+lottery

Your receipts are valid. The draw only happens every two months.


Yeah, that's what I found, too, but the links there are not useful, don't open... maybe it's because they were posted 9 years ago... ha

#239 ... &BaseDSD=7
This one works.


awesome !!! thank you !:slight_smile: