Receipt and Taiwan Lottery


Something I do. I just take the receipts I get in a week, add them (backwards) to Microsoft Access with the 2 months it's good for as a table. I can then check to see if I have anything easily. Makes it easier than going through the piles, even if they're sorted.



For the 6th place, they have a set of 3 numbers: 643

My ticket is 79064358

Do I win that 6th place or does it have to be at the end?



Sorry, but that is not a winner. The 643 has to be the last three numbers.
I have been here for two years and collect ALL my reciepts and I can't even get a $200 winner! What a bummer.


Only the number 358 would let you win; and NOT 583, 853, etc. Not only do they have to be the same digits, but they have to be in the same order, and the last three.


I won

200 for 3-4
nothing for 5-6
200 for 7-8
nothing for 9-10

Do I see a pattern here?


You can increase your chances by buying more. Or paying each item separately. :smiley:



I have crazy luck when it comes to this lottery thing...

i have been in Taiwan for about 18 months and have won at least NT$200 in every lottery during my stay.

my best showing was the drawing last July...hit on 7 tickets for a total of NT$3000.

dumb luck.


These are the latest numbers:


I got $1,000 this time, yay!


Are they out yet?

Could anyone tell me what they are?

Pretty please?


Sorry, I think I've found them:

Regular Prizes
0 9 5 1 3 9 2 2
7 3 2 9 4 8 7 9
9 1 1 0 7 5 1 4

Grand Prize
9 1 1 7 3 5 6 0


Well? Well?




2 x 200nt.


Erm, can anyone confirm the numbers, btw?


$200NT here. Yea!!!!

Numbers can be found here in English.


That's like six packs of Marlboro Lights at 7-11. Puff puff n' away... :smiley:


I would never waste my money on such a disgusting, unhealthy habit.

It will be getting spent on a couple of pints of the black stuff. :wink:


1k winner, myself :slight_smile:


are these the latest numbers?

i guess the dates are from the lunar calendar - what months are they in Gregorian?

97年1月、2月 統一發票中獎號碼單
特 獎
頭 獎
09513 922
73294 879
91107 514
貳 獎
參 獎
肆 獎
伍 獎
陸 獎
2008/4/6~ 2008/7/7

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No, 97 is from the Taiwanese calendar ... KMT calendar

if it says 1-2 month it's from January and February all right ...