Receipt and Taiwan Lottery


That's twice in the last two drawings!

Going through all those receipts sucks, but at least I didn't waste my time and money on the "real" lottery.


yay !
this time and for the first, i got 1200nt$ :slight_smile:


4600 for me.. plus I'm getting the 3600 because I'm married and therefore ace.


$0 for me. We clearly don't have enough receipts - there's too much multi-item shopping going on. My father-in-law makes at least 2 trips a day from FamilyMart - keeps the receipts rolling in.


Yes ten receipts for ten items bought at ten different times is ten receipts. One receipt for ten items bought at the same time is one receipt and one chance to win anything.


Yay NT$200 for 3 months worth of recipes :smiley: I must be very lucky...

By the way for the 7-8 Lottery I confirmed that according to the chinese version of the site the additional two 6th prizes must match the LAST 3 numbers. Well, anything else would make scanning the receipts rather more work anyway...


I had two receipts worth 1,000NT. Both from McDonald's. One from Oct. 4, and one from Oct 6. 1920 and 7514. I wonder what fate is trying to tell me.


you went to McDonalds on Oct 6th 1920?


The sign said, "Over 300 sold!"


again the 25th numbers will be revealed ?


Does any one know the 11-12 winning lottery numbers? They are supposed to be announced today, but will CNY interfer?


Tax Portal in English

Now time to dig frantically through my box of receipts!


I'm confused as to how the additional sixth prize numbers work. Do they only apply to the winning receipts or all the receipts. For example I have a ticket 28576042, would this be a winner??


Congratulations! You won 200nt. You can go to any 7-11 to cash in.


you mean if we win only 200 we dont need to go to a post office nor do we have to wait until the 6th ?


You can 'spend' it at 7-11, not cash it.


spend it at 7/11 (other convenient stores too ? )or cash it at the post after the 6th , thats what you mean ?


New receipt winning numbers for January and February, 2009

Tax Portal in English


Curses, foiled again!


Likewise.... not a single bloody match for the last eight months. I used to be a regular $200 winner. My life is ruined.