Red light cameras and Speed cameras


Confucius propounds "Zhong Yong," or the ideal of "The Middle Way," meaning that everything in life be in balance - at neither extreme.

Since driving/riding is a privilege and not a right - those who operate potentially deadly vehicles in public spaces should definitely follow the rules which are in place to protect the general populace. Moreover, following traffic rules is not a restriction of one's personal freedom; for the first tenet of individual freedom is that one's freedom not inhibit upon the freedom of others.

I suppose if you got your leg amputated by a bad driver you'd be singing a different tune.


Will Taiwan ever go the way the UK or France has gone in that vigilante groups actually blow cameras up or destroy them?

I guess if the laws for speeding were the same in Taiwan as they are in the EU, there would be angrier drivers.

Here is a camera blown up with C4: ... camera.php


I've been caught three times by new Gatsos in the last month around Taoyuan HSR station, latest one last night. Limit was 50, speedo said 105. It could be expensive.

I can't be the only person who has been hooning around on those perfect new roads with no traffic or coppers and excellent visibility in all directions this summer. Anyone who tells me it's unsafe to go over 31mph there is an idiot. If you've been doing it too be careful, there are a load of new cameras there now!

Do you know, is there a website that tells you all the fixed camera locations in Taiwan?


Before anyone has a go at me, I'm talking about a two lane highway style road, running parallel to the HSR line. A wall at the left with the HSR line on legs, a central reservation at the right to section off the scooter lane, no cross roads or merging lanes, perfect visibility, nothing else on the road, straight as a die for 2km ahead of me. 105kph is about 63mph assuming my speedo is accurate. That's just not in any way dangerous. I could understand them putting cameras to catch people speeding across intersections but the camera that got me is on a bloody 1km straight with no junctions! It's a blatant money making exercise!


Unfortunately the cameras have not been used to catch unsafe speeders. In fact they are thought of only as revenue generators.

I say no speed cameras. LEt the cops do some work for a change.

And lets have credible speed limits. Not stupid ones.




I think that once you're caught at more than twice the posted speed limit, it's an automatic 3 month ban on your vehicle's, if your speedo is accurate and you were actually doing 105km/h in a 50 km/h posted speed limit zone, you'll be getting the ticket (expensive fine) along with a letter saying you must hand in your plates when you pay the fine.

I agree that Taiwan's road network is fully and completely mismanaged. Like many things, the 'in Taiwan' mentality means that whichever of the most incompetent fools that work in the Ministry that manages roads will ignore any smart and sensible road management examples from any other country....instead, they just try to reinvent stuff all the time (to make up for their incompetence) and implement these ridiculous speed limits and f*cked up road rankings.....


I went up that road again today and it actually has a split speed limit for scooters and cars. It's a road with two lanes for cars, limit 70kph, then a small raised reservation with trees and speed camera, then a single lane (full width) scooter/turning right lane, limit 50.

When the camera flashed me, I was in the car lane, possibly illegal in itself, doing 105 in a 70 limit, but the scooter lane where I should have been had a 50 limit and more annoyingly no speed camera.

What am I going to get done for do you reckon?


Try it has a list of about 448 cameras in TW right now.. looks like only one close to the HSR (高鐵桃園站‎ use this in the search page). If you notice any missing, feel free to add.

Tell a lie, it says 448 cameras but in fact over 800 for Taiwan :notworthy:


I thought it was 60km over for the maximum penalty. Regardless of if it's in a 50 or a 100 zone.


I had a look on that website, it's great but there are some that I know of missing. I tried to add them but was unable to do so, how can you get coordinates off a google map?


Go to the page. If you don't know the co-ordinates, type the street address or close to it (both English or Chinese should work ie: 高鐵桃園站) and it should add a marker, you can then drag it around the map until you get it slap bang in the right place. Then click submit at the bottom of the screen. If there is already another camera within 20M it will not allow you to add.

I know the add camera page needs some work.. needs instructions.. which is on my list of things todo.

Right now the downloadable files are not updated dynamically, i'm working on that... so i have to do it manually every now & then. Plus the garmin files are empty... :frowning:


Got the ticket, it said I was doing 86, my bike said 105 so I'm pretty happy, only $1200. Also it didn't mention anything about me riding in the car lane on a white plate bike.


The wife and I got 7 speeding tickets last month from the same camera near the airport on 110. One of them was 101km/h, the limit is 50. That's more than double, in a car, and the fine was about $2000. No ban.

My father in law says I always get caught on my bike because I ride in the middle of the road, he says I should ride in the scooter lane. I told him I'd rather pay a bit of tax now and again and stay alive! The scooter lane is unsafe if you want to ride faster than 30km/h.


Quoted for posterity.


Sometimes you can find the speeding cameras with google street view. This camera is in the middle of a hill. I'm sure it is an excellent money maker. You can see the camera here.,+jinhu+road&sll=25.091075,121.559834&sspn=0.38679,0.727158&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=J%C4%ABnH%C3%BA+Rd,+Neihu+District,+Taipei+City,+Taiwan+114&ll=25.077903,121.600134&spn=0.006044,0.011362&z=17&layer=c&cbll=25.077814,121.600183&panoid=jgApoDmF9C96MGCETi_1sQ&cbp=12,92.25,,0,8.06


Yeah they're revenue generators pure and simple. They don't put them at dangerous places, but at spots where the conditions are so safe that you're easily tempted to go over the limit. My favourite is the No.3 Freeway between Muzaha and Xizhi. The limit's 90, you come out of the tunnel, the road opens out nice and wide and straight, and goes down a slope. It's almost impossible not to go over the limit, and there's the camera.


I just received two tickets in the mail. Same place, same infraction... Doing a U-turn at a red light just outside the building where I work. It's a very quiet T intersection. I live north of my office but there's no way to head north from the parking lot so I have to go south and turn around. 2700 each for a total of 5400. :cry:

They never used to have a camera there before. I've been doing that U-turn for years!


someone ratted on's possible!


Well, they have the pictures to prove it. :laughing: I'll just have to find a different way to get home after work.