Show us your bike(s) [as in bicycles]


^very nice

not sure 'bout that saddle tho'


Wookie, that's a great result, and perfect for the riding you do, I think. let me guess: XACD? they have a growing reputation, and another friend was happy enough with his tall custom road bike too. Above average weld quality... tubes could be a bit more sophisticated, as in they could offer more ovalised and butted options, but they're supposedly good metal.

I have been considering getting a single speed cyclocross frame from them.


Yes, it's XACD. The welding points are double butted--at least, that's what I paid for, but I have no reason to suspect that they aren't. Stu also has a similar set up as well as an oval tubed road frame that was manufactured here, very nice.
I'm surprised by the ride comfort. The titanium frame seems to absorb some of the shocks and flex a bit on bumpy sections. Makes going out a pleasure.


When I was living in China I got one of those frames from HiLite Titanium - by all accounts they were the same people who built Airborne and Van Nicholas frames, but just rebranded a few for their own use. Very popular among the cycling community in China.

Never built the frame up though - it's sitting in my cupboard waiting for funds.

I've seen some good reviews about XACD.


I'm surprised no-one's posted on this thread since October. No-one got any new (or even old) bikes to show? I should be getting my hands on a new (to me) one any day now, but I haven't got a pic to post yet.


I've narrowed my next bike down to three. Can you help me choose one?

Here are the specs: ... -de-france



I'd go for the bottom one, seeing as how the others have got no pedals on them.


Not only that, it also says "most lightweight" on the rims. Lighter is always better!


When I first saw the Pinarello in my local shop it was like a religous experience. I had seen it in magazines and on TV, but in! There's just something about the lines of the frame that sets it apart and will make you the envy of the Freds on Cervellos. With that said, you should try as hard as possible and resist the temptation to buy on looks. Ride and fit is everything. Can you get your hands on them all locally and test ride? If not, at least compare frame geometries to your existing ride (if you like the fit) or get fit onto something and then compare the geometry.

Also, if you get Pinarello, you'll spend eternity in purgatory if you put a Shimano grouppo on it so are you comfortable with Campy? or purgatory?


None of that matters, though, because my wife would kill me as I'd have to sell our house to buy any of them. Besides, none of them comes with a basket, to carry the groceries.

Still, a man can dream. :lovestruck:


I'd go for the Merckx personally, as it'd be easier to maintain, swap seat posts, etc... and better wheels than those pussy Zipps.


Dunno if it's me or the Flob or Flickr but I'm not able to upload images, so here's a couple linkies to my bike - a Merida XT500, simple but smooth..

Why won't the images upload? :fume:


The Surly resting-up on the Tibetan Plateau this summer. ~2000km.


That looks like a fantastic adventure, Nuit. I'm kinda jealous.

I decided a month or two ago to sell my dual-suspension MTB and buy myself a road bike.

Picked this up a few weeks ago:

Giant TCR-3 (2005). Exact same model as the one Mother Theresa sold a while back (but not the same bike).

Was a bit weird getting back into the drops, but I'm loving it now.


Sweet! Hope to see you on one of the hills some Saturday or Sunday.


Same here stu.

Hey, nuit, how was the Tibet ride? I took a bus from Kathmandu to Lhasa years ago and found it beautiful, but incredibly harsh and inhospitable. I saw a few long-distance cyclists in the middle of nowhere and contemplated what they were forced to endure -- the scorching sun, parching heat, dry air and constant swirling blasts of sand and dust -- and decided to cross that off my list of desireable cycling destinations. Hopefully you got some respite from such weather.


nice ride stu.


Thanks, fellas. It feels great to be back on a road bike. I think it's been approximately 15 years since I was on one.

Co-incidentally, my mum recently sent over this pic of me fixing up my first road bike. A half-complete, slightly bent Eddy Merckx that I rescued from a skip (dumpster), stripped and repainted/rebuilt, then slowly upgraded the mostly heavy steel components.

I've no idea what the story is with that pose, btw. No idea.


judging from that picture, I believe you were once a member of a-ha.