Show us your bike(s) [as in bicycles]


Personally, I've always been careful. I was even more careful that day of the crash because it had been raining and the paths were damp, but it's done and in the past now.

Anyhoo, I now have the bike back with the new frame, and it does feel like an entirely new machine. Definitely a little heavier with the aluminium frame, but I don't necessarily consider that a minus. I found I felt far less vibration when I took it for a spin around a local park than I did on the carbon frame, and the extra weight seems to make it a little more stable-feeling, or at least less 'twitchy' than the old bike did. It felt great to be back out after nearly two months. But the real test, of course, will be tonight, when I take out for a spin and see how she is on a longer trip.

Here she is:


Looking good! Kind of looks like my bike but in black.

Nice that your bike matches you fan too lol


That's interesting. Normally people say that C.F. frames absorve better the vibrations of the road than the aluminum ones...


Yes, that is indeed what they say, but when I still had a carbon frame every time I went over those little white stripes they put across some roads as traffic calmers I could feel my teeth rattling in my jaw. With the aluminium frame, nothing, so my direct experience is the exact opposite of what is often claimed.

Just before I started writing this comment, I googled 'do carbon frames really absorb vibration' and the second or third link listed was this one, which makes for immediately interesting reading, particularly the second comment on the page by "ginsoakedboy": ... -ride.html. I'm far from an expert in this debate, but I'm inclined to call bullshit on the whole carbon = vibration-dampening based on my own direct experience.


On a reasonably smooth road with minor imperfections and debris, a carbon frame will absorb more vibration than an alloy frame.
On Taiwanese roads though, when you ride on a giant Pothole of Doom or on a rock the size of a massive dildo then there's not much difference between carbon and alloy. Carbon is stiffer and that's why it can give a harsh feedback if you ride on something particularly unpleasant.

Vibration =/= rocks/potholes


I would also add that a 5psi difference in your tires will make more difference in road feel than anything else and will also soften up those potholes.


I think that aluminum frames are underrated now in favor of the more cool C.F... actually I regret I didn't get the bike I wanted to buy in the first place (aluminum with all 105 components). Anyway, CF might be mufflering that small chattering you say.


So true, and not only in potholes.


a good article from slowtwitch that seems relevant.


Very interesting. Reminds me of those experiments where they gave wine experts cheap supermarket wine with the label removed and they couldn't tell the difference between it and the much more expensive wines they usually reviewed. Much of our sensory experience is influenced by our expectations.


Our hippie bikes:


Very nice, I'm sure you will be happy with those


Hm, I think I forgot to suggest a bottle holder for your bike. I know you can always strap a bottle of water or something on your back rack, but that takes a little extra effort, why not spend 100-150 on a functional bottle holder, or better yet, try to convince the shop owner to gift you a water bottle and holder since you've given him so much business as of late.

I know you won't be going to hard, but it's always good to stay hydrated when doing any kind of exercise.


Actually, both bikes have upright bottle holders just below the handle bars, so that's taken care of right from the factory.


Now that I think of it, yes they do. I also remember, personally, how I did not like them :smiley:


Ranlee... Come on, don't be so narrowminded! Think of all the cups of Starbucks that you could place there... Invest in an extra long straw and you'll be able to enjoy your iced latte while enjoying the ride :wink:


You might be more right than you know. This line of bikes is named after coffee. My wife's is called iNeed Espresso, and there's one even more sappy than mine called iNeed Latte.


Please replace cups of Starbucks with beer or a cocktail and I am there.


I was just going to say the bigger bike would suit one of these:

But I guess that would be superfluous now.


The newest member of our family :slight_smile: