Swap Shop


I've got this very nice box set:

Anyone want to swap me something for it?

Post yer offers here.
P.S. Doesn't have to be other DVDs (although it could be). I like guitars and mountain bikes and computers and lots of other stuff. In fact you might be surprised how much I would appreciate your junk.
P.P.S. I'm in Taipei.


I can't see which movies it has.


Oops, sorry you're right. I have corrected the OP accordingly.


pair of ferrets? or terrapins?


I'll swap you a hand-made tshirt, custom made with permanent fabric dyes (fabric dye pastel, batik and/or tie dye) to reproduce artwork of your specs such as your avatar. :smiley:


I'll swap you the Star Wars Trilogy (Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi) as well as Seinfeld Seasons 1 + 2.


I have something to swap. It's a big Dennon amplifier for audio/visual. It has the Dolby and the optical inputs and 5.1 speaker connections. It's about 10 years old and too big for my house. I'd throw in 5 speakers for the right swap. But I don't want the Python stuff.


I could swap you the following:
Les Miserables (Richard Jordan & Anthony Perkins vsn.)
David Copperfield
Adventures of Robin Hood
Lawrence of Arabia
Singing in the Rain
Rear Window
Ordinary Decent Criminal
Chasing Amy


I will swap a cat (choice of two), an ornamental fir tree or five matching saucers.


three flying ducks?


two French hens?


Hey all, thanks for the replies.
So far I'm mostly interested in Maoman's offer, although I HAVE to say, some of those other offers are VERY tempting, especially the ones involving live animals...

P.S. I checked and it is indeed 5 disks (in 4 boxes).

In fact, yeah, it goes to Maoman. Congratulations.


Who said it was live?

I want more for a live cat!




Next item for the swap shop:

A Planex BLW-54MF IEEE802.11g Wireless 54Mbps Multi-Function Broadband Router. Traditional Chinese manual included but the English manual is available from the Planex website.

Nearly new, perfect working order - I've upgraded to a model with more bells and whistles. Retails for about NT$1,200 if I remember rightly. Come on, tempt me with your swap options (tech stuff preferred but not required)...

EDIT: ...or books. Books are always good, though the wife will probably shout at me as we've run out of room to put them...


We already got one.

I told him we already got one.

I was prepared to trade my mother, who oddly enough, smells of elderberries.


To resurrect this thread.. I have a 10" ceiling mount all-in-one DVD/monitor with built-in games. Still boxed, gathering dust.. manufactured in 04.. Real quality mate.. damped deployment and all that.. I likely can thrown in a set or two of wireless headphones if needed as well.. I work for the company.. :no-no:

The games are classics like Pacman, etc. 5 in total..

If you don't have a car, it is ideal to mount on the underside of a shelf or similar, maybe in a kids room.. You would just need a 12V adapter.

Will swap for mostly anything, but has to be small.. I am trying to reduce clutter :ohreally:


I'll swap you for three pairs of odd socks :smiley:


You almost tempted me, cept for the odd bit..


Taffy and nivek. Did anyone ever offer you anything?

I've got something to offer now. Mostly it's a bike frame. One of those mostly used for doing that urban BMX-like hopping around and stuff, though I've got an extra-long seatpost for if you prefer to use it as a normal bike.

Anyway, the point is, it's just the (extremely well made, tough) frame, plus a couple of other parts I could throw in. It's the frame in this photo (Azonic Evolution II):

Anyone interested at all?