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sweet. i'll get back to you on that.


Brand new office chair, no arms. Wheels in working order, up and down mechanism OK. Very light, suitable for someone with a light frame...


I'll give anyone a real good backrub in exchange for an Xbox 360.


I have an xbox 360 I've never used. It has the red ring of death on it. Apparently its a NT$1,200 fix. Also got a regular xbox that works. Each one has two controllers and some kind of weird adaptor gizmo I've never used, along with a bunch of games. Maybe (I dunno) 20 in all?
I want cold hard cash, though. Make me an offer.


I'll write you a lovely poem.

Is the regular Xbox modded?


I don't know what that means. Its black with a green cross thingy on the top. I've only ever played with it a couple of times. Them things are boring!


Means modified/cracked so it can play games from other regions. If I can find someone who still mods them, I'll make you an offer. Give me a few days.


Well, I have no idea about that. One of the games (maybe its called Halo? Or else another one called something else -- I forget) the wee cartoon felly gibbers away in Japanese. Is that a clue?


I've got a nebulizer.

A toaster oven that I got on Christmas but I do use it. You know the small thingies that have a grill and you can toast 2 slices of bead or bake 2 potatoes in.

I have a brand new set of 2 coffee cups and a little flask thingy for doing the filter coffee.

Unopened box of that inflatable (for pool parties) drink holder, where you can store dinks and ice in the centre and all around you have cup holders. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=310218132029

Unopened box of an inflatable (for the pool again) game, kind of like polo, with multiple balls.


I would be all over the toaster oven. What are you looking for in return?


Nothing in particular really. Can you wait a month or so?


We have almost new camping gear that we want to clear out pretty quickly (ideally the taker should pick it up within 3 days): two sleeping bags with foam ground pads, used only once; a 3-4 person (?) tent, which of course is suitable for 2 people plus gear, used only once; and two large folding camp chairs. Anyone wanna swap something for these or make a reasonable offer?


Waiting a month or so would be perrrfect, as I will be all moved by then. Thanks, heaps!


You are welcome!


For free:
Sturdy metal desk and chair. Filing cabinet on wheels that fits underneath the desk.
Bed frame. Simple and spare design.
Inexpensive small shelf on wheels.
Small, very sturdy table (and two to four chairs).

For trade?:
Film Camera - Olympus Stylus Zoom 140 Delux. Has a good lens .
-cannot attach other lenses to it.


WTB. I am looking for a kids' table with 2 or more chairs. I know there are plenty available out there but I want to try here first

I am sure I'll find sth. suitable to swap.


Anybody needs a Leap desk and chair. At the time I had thought I'd but those leap frog reader thingies but decided against them so I have no use for it.

I have the stencils and the rubber stamps just not the reader featured in here.


I am looking for a car seat for a two year old- to borrow , if possible -


Sent you a PM.


Anybody need an exercise bench? Its used and foldable. Husband won't part with the weights and the barbel, but the bench can't be lugged back home, it has a barbel stand and occupies a narrow strip of space...you'll have to come and get it. I'll take pics if someone is interested.


WANTED: an IP splitter box thingy. Want to run two or three computers (wireless) at home. Anyone have an extra one?