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I think I have one, Asiababy.
I need to check, though, as I have just moved and not sure which box it would be in. Presumably the one marked "electronics".


I have a spare wireless router sitting in a box at home (I mentioned it much earlier in this thread, but there were no takers).

Would this do the job? It's not the latest spec as it doesn't feature 11n wireless (the fastest currently in use), but to be honest for home use I doubt you'd notice the difference.


Taffy and Kage, thanks for the fast offers!

Taffy, my husband is just checking the specs, will get back to you this afternoon. (Grandpa is missing his Carpenters on Youtube, so we are kind of in a hurry :laughing: )


oops, mine is not wireless - sorry!


No worries, Kage, thanks to Taffy, I am now on wireless!

I just discovered by roller blades ("California" brand, bought about ten years ago and not used for six or so) have broken down during storage. The shoe has separated from the wheels. If anyone can use the parts, let me know as I am very sad to just throw them away. Nice carry bag is included.


iPhone is 2 months old. Screen cover on and case on first day. Immaculate and completely unmarked screen, back, and camera lens. With all accessories including an expensive leather case that keeps it inside your pocket in taxis and doesn't sweat in your hand. Bought from Fareastone new, has been tested to work on Chunghua (I think they're all unlocked and unrestricted here anyway).

Is jailbroken and Sinfulled with lots of apps or I can factory reset it. It can be upgraded to OS4 if you like. Firmware blobs (SHSH) are registered with Cydia so you can reset it to OS3 if you upgrade to OS4 and then decide you don't like OS4.

Current firmware version is 3.1.3 (7E18) which is what it came with. Model is MC131TA.

Would like an HTC Desire in good nick.

It's also for sale for NT$15k, but as all I intend to do is go straight out and buy a Desire, I wondered if there might be anyone with a Desire who'd prefer an iPhone.

PM me if you're interested. I am in Taipei.


I'm looking for:

  1. An old digital camera to let my 6-year-old use.
  2. A second-hand Canon EOS digital camera body.

Willing to pay for these if I have nothing that you want. I can also bake up some cookies or something if you miss home-baking.


Will a canon ixus for the body do???Mine fell and broke...but it looks intact....

Anybody using a canon ixus 860 IS, please feel free to contact me for an extra charger and Battery!


Will a canon ixus for the body do???Mine fell and broke...but it looks intact....

Anybody using a canon ixus 860 IS, please feel free to contact me for an extra charger and Battery!

thanks divea, but no, it's a different kind of camera. The EOS to replace my film body, as I have some nice lenses.


I have a Chicco stroller - this one in red, but the bottom foot rest is gone:


It's in good condition but has some stains on the stroller seat and stickers along the frame. It's great for use on holiday. It folds long-ways and you put it over your shoulder. It has a carry bag. Seat doesn't go all way down, so suitable for short naps but not for newborns. Giving it away but always welcome books or DVDs as exchange. I can drop it off in Taipei city/county, but on my schedule.

Looking for a flatscreen monitor, to plug into a broken laptop. Or an old laptop, only need to get online with it, nothing else. Doesn't need a working battery.


hello everyone.i am new to this forum and been living in Taiwan for almost 2 years. Hope i could meet new friends here.

anyhow I have canon 10-22 UWA used for 1year and 3 months. actuation around 2000+, with hoya UV filter since day1. selling it for 20k or swap with canon 580ex2 then add cash. =)


Hi!! List of books here, please come and take whatever you like from these. They are mostly academic except the likes of sex and the city


Anyone interested in swapping some X-Box (not the 360) games for other X-Box (not the 360) games? I have a couple of doublers, not to mention others that aren't really my cup of tea.


I've got a few sports ones that REALLY aren't my cup of tea. Is your X-Box chipped?


Yeah, it's chipped, although the games I'm talking about are originals. I'm really not into the sports ones either, ha. In fact I'm especially looking for ones my son might be able to play occasionally, like Lego Star Wars, etc.

I've also got a few FPS games. I'll make a list of what I've got and stick it up here.


Hardly a swap.. but I have a 21" CRT TV I am wanting to give away.

Brand is Proton, about 10yrs old.. so a bit if a clunker. I'm sure we have the remote somewhere.. but I need to locate it, so right now it is without.. if no interest, no biggie, it is going to be given to the recycle lady at the end of the week. It and me are located in WenShan district.


I'd like to swap my hangover for anything, come on make me an offer?


I've got a wad of cash (about NT$1727) in my pocket that I'll swap for a chipped X-box (not 360).


I have a wedding dress I'd swap for any of: a bottle of whiskey; some good reading; pack of decent coffee

It's about a US size 6. It is a skirt and bodice. Husband bought it on yahoo auction and then we made a new top for it, so the bridetobe could adjust it to whatever look she likes. It's pretty but I have no emotional attachment to it.


Got the whisky. I need a party dress, though.

BTW, I got these items to trade/give away/sell cheap,cheap, cheap (anything, just get them off my hands):

1 wood, DIY bed frame. Might not take a quickie but standard sleeping is OK

1 brand new office chair, with armrests, for a thin person

3 plastic drawer sets, 2 drawers each.

1 safe box

Oh, and my landlord gave me permission -finally- to get rid of the old living room set. If anyone has nowhere to sit, it is usefull, as it is made of bamboo and resists an army. It has a glass top bamboo table, very useful to put stuff like board games, newspapers, etc in its lower drawer. Old fashioned but can still give a bit.

This one will go to the recyclers on Tuesday so move fast.