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What happened to the wheels and suspension ... disc breaks?


I have the first season of "Lost" which I bought in a fit of abject, drunken stupidity. Any swaps?


I built up another bike with them.


I've got one of these going soon, as we're moving

It's not in perfect condition as it's three years old and has a fair bit of wear and tear and I never installed the drawer as my computer is too big.
I actually just want to get rid of it, as I've had a purpose built table done in the new place.
There's a hole in it from a previous move (where the monitor goes) and the keyboard shelf could do with some new rails, but it's going for free...'
Pick up on the 24th or 25th of this month and it's yours, although you can swap for something if you really want.


Na, never got any takers... cept for the odd socks :ohreally: so it is still here gathering dust, I was thinking of dropping it off at grandma nitties for TA (if they still sell stuff) so they could potentially make some $$ better that than the recycling lady getting scrap $$ for it.


Hey, TheLostSwede,

I'd be very interested in picking up that desk, if I can work out a way to pick it up (should be no problem).

I'll PM you about it.

Do you by any chance need a bicycle frame?


It's yours, but no, I don't need a frame.


Thank you!


If I may join the party...

I usually give away my unused stuff but since this is a bit bigger, let's give it a try:

I have a safety box, a medium size one, practically new -little use, never been broken. :smiley:

I need a piece of luggage. I trade my safe box for one. Old fashioned yes, but NO 360 degrees wheelie kind of thinghie wanted. Backpackers stuff also an option.

Or a used bike. Irishtu, can I interest you in a safety box?


This is awesome - its just like Keith Chegwin and that chap with the Beard.

Anyway, I have an unused portion of a 1 month airport xpress ticket (airport to HK central) which is valid for 3 more weeks.

What can I get for it?

I also have quite a nice wallet that I only used for about a month and a Cathay Pacific ball point pen


Can I swap toys?? And a coffee maker (brand new packed)?? If yes, I'll post pics later....


You know it's just a frame, right?


Meaning I can put the tires I want, the shocks I like and paint it pink, right? Plus a basket for the dog.


What about a book of blank receipts? :laughing:


Do post pics.


Anyone feel lucky?
I have a Canon i560 photo inkjet printer.

What's the catch?
I'm 99% sure it just needs new ink.
But I got a new HP all-in-one so I don't want to blow the price of ink on a printer I don't need.
If you want to get ink and try it out, it's yours.
If you swap me something and the ink ISN'T the problem, I won't take your swap.


Me me me! Mr The Chief! First season of "Lost"? A handjob? Gonzo porn DVDs?


Got the Lost, I already got handjobs gathering dust on the shelf, and I got no taste for anything without 70's bush...

I'll take that Watchmen outtake DVD, a pack of smokes, and a bottle of cheap bourbon, how's that?


I'll make you a copy of "The Black Freighter". I don't really need a printer, though.


Can we get this ape temped please???