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Uhm, that's cheating, as I take it you're not actually doing the anger management class? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, goodness me, NO! I didn't mean I'd MARRY you! Just trade all my angst and anger and man hat'ing. You know. For the DIAMOND. Not the MAN. Though I'm sure you would have been a very worthy catch, of course.


What good is a diamond anyhow? It's just a piece of hard carbon...
Wouldn't a man be more useful around the house? You know, you could like make him do stuff...? :smiley:


Did you mean "rusty" old one? :wink: :whistle:


That's not rust, that's heat damage, as the door wasn't insulated. Over two years of usage caused that...
No-one wanted it in the end, so it ended up being recycled...


Hey, I was just thinking of this thread.

We bought a house and move in later this month. The place has a [color=#BF0000][i]clothes washer[/i] [/color]that my wife says is just 2 years old, but we don't need it since we have a washer that we'll bring with us (ours is bigger). I forget the brand name and size, but it looks like a perfectly good machine. I'll go over there tonight and test it. Assuming it works properly, which I believe to be the case, would anyone trade a [color=#BF0000][i]working TV[/i][/color] for it? Of course I don't expect a giant plasma TV, but anything workable would do.


I have a working TV sans remote. A replacement washing machine would do me fine.

Oh shite. Just checked. The wife chucked it out. :blush:


Would you consider giving up a bottle of scotch?


Sandy will grapple you to the ground and have yer guts! :smiley:


Sure, I'll do an anger management class. Where do I sign up?
Pity about the oven, it would have been great for someone new to the island. I need to pay closer attention to this thread.
HC: you are funny!
Icon: I will PM you about when and where we can meet.


Jimi - are you serious about using the half can of oven cleaner? Because if you are joshing, I'd use it...

Anyone need DVD cases?


Anyone need a vaccum?
How about a bath bubble maker ("spa" ) machine thing?


Uhm... what are you looking for?


I've got two sets of steel hangers/shelfs that I'd swap for something.
We can't put them up in the new place and they're as new (been used for a year) with no rust or funky stuff growing on them :smiley:
I think we got them in B&Q, I'm fairly sure it's these ones bnq.com.tw/product/detail/id/138163


I have books, tapes, dictionaries, etc. for learning Mandarin and Cantonese. Lots of them. And camping gear (tent, sleeping bags, etc., used only once). And seed beads. LOTS of them, many colors. And antique Chinese seals. And blank soapstone seals for carving your own seals. Time to clear some shelf space!


I have a wife to swap: local, mid-forties, slimish, nymphomaniac, enjoys needlework.


Nah, Ms Kage use it. Cheers anyway. :slight_smile:


What are you looking for ...?

Jimi - Icon says there is enough for BOTH of us - whoo hoo!


Oh, gosh, dunno -- a yogurt maker, or heavy copper- or aluminum-bottom cookware, or enamelled cast iron cookware, if someone has some sitting around not getting used. Or a 2nd-hand LCD TV if someone's upgrading. Or a lightly used Mazda 3. :idunno:


I have a women's wetsuit, full-length, size "small" (maybe US 6?) worn once in the 5-meter pool. I'd swap it for some reading material (novels, history, business, magazines, anything really).

I have two very nice woodwork manuals I bought for my husband on Amazon, but he never uses them. They have instructions for making furniture and refurbishing. Again, swap for reading material, or make an offer of something else.