Swap Shop


9 mirage jets - need an engine or some such nonsense - will swap for some kind of medium range missile, or a lawnmower


Got a charger -brand new, never used- for Nokia 6100/6108/6600/6230/6820/3120 - STILL THERE

Got the whole Paulo Cohelo works in Spanish, cheapest edition though. - STILL THERE

Got a bunch of 80's/90's political magazines in Spanish looking for a home or they'll end up in the recycle bin. - GONE

A slightly worn coffee table book about South Africa's border wars. - GONE


Festering hangover. Will swap for feelings of mild euphoria or similar.


Nice - how about some misplaced gratitude?


OK, I'm in. got a packet of Japanese miso soup mix, some Okinawa black sugar, or a used motorbike helmet. Not a god one, but it's legal, and white.


Sorry. Gone already. :frowning:


Where can I get a god one?


I object to stealing helmets from temples, especially the ones that they put on the heads of the gods when they are renovating the roof.

So, no, it's not a god one.

Damn you: what's a little missing o between friends?


I have an American football. Useless to me. What have you?


Despite its name, you're supposed to hold that with your hands. Have you tried that?


I have a couple mold-your-own-body-part kits, in case you want to create a chocolate replica for your lover (or a plaster or wax replica). I've got lightly used (used once only!) camping gear (tent, sleeping bags, folding camp chairs, and so on, tarps, etc.) too. And a Rockit Robot kit ready to assemble, blank canvases for painting (already stretched, various sizes), rolls of boot leather and kangaroo hides, rawhide, hammers, and soundproofing material.

Am interested in [color=#0000FF]nice woven baskets, [/color]alum in bulk, [color=#008040]stainless stockpots[/color], Jacquard acid dyes, drop spindles, wool yarn, tops or roving, a [color=#8000BF]large stainless steamer and/or colander[/color], old, unwanted white or cream colored wool cloth in any form including damaged clothing, crystalline citric acid in bulk form, soda ash, bulk white vinegar or lemon juice, a skein winder or niddy noddy, unwanted spinning wheel, [color=#00BF00]stainless steel clothes hangers[/color], or a large bag of moth balls, among other things.


Is it a quality pigskin, or a cheapo plastic? I'm interested either way, I just don't know what value to assign to it.


Cheapo plastic. You can have it.


I've got one of those older style CRT monitors sitting on the floor in my den, no longer used, but perfectly fine. It's a big Viewsonic one. I'm willing to swap it for something.

I wouldn't mind one of those George Foreman style grill thingees. Just saying.


I have a nintendo system with numerous games. Seems to have everything, but I can't figure out how to get it all together right. It comes on, makes sounds, but I don't get images from it. I'm sure thery're there, I'm just too dumb to figure out what else to stick where.


I don't need the monitor, but I'm pretty sure I have an extra Foreman grill laying around. Let me confirm and take a picture.

Anyone else looking for kitchen stuff? I ended up bringing an American-sized kitchen (i.e. TWO Foreman grills :doh: )worth of toys for my small-even-by-TW-standards kitchen.


Yeah, I'm looking for a large or VERY large stockpot or steamer.


I have two brand-new 8-packs of Hanes men's full-cutbriefs. Size 32.34 (m/m), white. They arrived today, wrong style and color for recipient.

Swap for novels or business-related books, kitchen items (milk jug/cake mixer/food processor/small pot/cookie tray...), compost bin, or offer something for a mother-of-two living in the country with no TV.


I've got a treadmill in good condition. The service light is on, but it's been on since I got it three years ago. I hardly run anymore, I prefer to bike or walk around my 'hood.'


Does anyone have a spinning wheel, niddy noddy, carders, combs or skein winder they're not using?