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How tempting in this weather. What brand is it and what are you looking for/asking in return?


Be careful there wouldn't want you falling asleep for a thousand years!


:roflmao: :roflmao:


I'll check the brand name when I get home, but it''s fairly modern with a HRM and incline settings.
I don't really need to trade it for anything, it's just taking up space for the use it gets.


electric shaver. Brand new.


Is your hair falling out naturally now?


ha ha ....like I said, Its new, got it with some appliance or sth. a year back.


Antother Forumosan who lives in my area is interested in taking it. As it is a heavy beast and I don't have a big truck anymore, it is prolly a good idea. If he doesn't, I'll let you know.



I'd LOVE the camping gear to use in our backyard. But I don't have anything you listed at the moment. I have "The easy slowcooker cookbook" and a handheld cake mixer. Or if you need something made out of wood I could see if my husband would make it for you (not a spinning wheel, though!)


Cheers, thanks. Probably just as well, I have worked out a routine for the gym/park that works.


I'd be interested in that. What are you in need of?



Do you have any books (novels/business/magazines) you have finished with? Or a link to a decent site on how to write an internet privacy policy for dummies.


To give away:
Books: The tipping point, Blink, some older Parenting magazines, very old copy of "Starting an internet business for dummies", Home office from Hell cure
Coffee maker - the glass pot is gone but it has a tin jug you can use OK with it
Hand-held beater/cake mixer - it was supposed to be a free standing one but the bowl doesn't turn around. I'm keeping the bowl, but the beater is a giveaway. Has dough beater and cake beater.
Red polar fleece "Extreme" beanie for 3-4 yr old
hanes men's underpants 32-34", white, 16pr

I don't need a swap for these. just send me your full name, address and tel. no. so I can courier them to you. If you see me in person in future, just buy me a coffee or something.

Still looking for:
Sewing machine
Reading lights that can clip to a bed
Dot matrix printer



FYI only.I know you want it for a swap, but IKES has a real cheapo one. Its' neat.



I'm looking for brotforms and bannetons (baskets for proofing bread). I'll take oven stones (pizza stones) too.


Thanks, i'm just checking to see if anyone has one they no longer use, if not I will head off to Ikea (hate the place (along with Costco), hence the seach here first).


Anyone interested in a small single bed?

How about a 2 door wood cabinet, very sturdy, not very pretty but useful for stuffing stuff -deep inside?


I would be happy to lend my sewing machine to you for several months at a time. I will need to use it once in as while, so I am not willing to give it away. However, as I won't be using it at all for the next few months at least...


tempting...can I see it. pics i.e


Giving away: electric incense/essential oil burner. It's ceramic with small flowers painted on it. you put your oils in the top with some water and it burns slowly. It's a pretty good quality one.