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I still have those two metal shelves and some older motherboards of various types if someone is interested. Even a CPU or two going spare (AMD FX51 and a P4 something or the other) and an el cheapo case (no PSU). The case and boards will most likely end up in the bin soon if no-one's interested as they're just taking up space.


I need a portable CD player. Nothing fancy, just some thing for the kid's room for the next few months. What can I give in exchange??? ummmm I'll think of sth. Thanks.


I have one. I never use it, and it's rather small. You're welcome to it. It's in pretty good condition.


Thanks. :notworthy:



While cleaning up the pantry, I discovered most of my bean cans will expire by end of March 2010. Please take them off my hands, it would be a sin to let this treasure go to waste.

We can meet at Starbucks on top the MRT hre in Xindian, send PM to confirm time and how many. Password is... Cantinflas.


... refried beans? jende?


Yeah, what kind of beans are we talking about here? Local red, sweet beans or the real deal? :smiley:

(and no, I don't like the refried kind as such...)

Wouldn't it be better to invite people over for a chilli night or something instead? :wink:


Unfortunately, the refried beans expired in October -yes, kill me.

Black beans, La Costena brand, from Mexico. Small cans will expire -best before 10 mar 2010. This kind:


Not enough space to entertain here in my humble place, though. And don't get me cooking in this weather. Brrr....


bring it over to mine....what do you have with beans?? Rice. We can do a woman thingy only. But who wants to travel in this weather Brrrrrrrrr


I have 550 spare grams of cinnamon powder, free for the asking. Lots of urea and cream of tartar too. For swapping or sale, I have blank stretched canvases in medium and small sizes, a roll of soundproofing material (dark grey foam with the U-like indentations), rolls of leather -- boot side, and roo, as well as Jacquard acid dyes for protein fibers like wool, by the ounce.

Wanted: large bags of onion skins, and dried marigold heads.


cinnamon powder acts as a great antifungal, should you need to prune your orchids...

I would be interested in some cream of tartar. I never can find it when I need it , and then when I see it , I can never remember what I wanted it for . It goes in play-dough, but what else?


You're welcome to some -- I have 1.35kg. Just PM me to let me know when and where. Is 100g enough? (What else is it used for? Well, it is used as a fiber conditioner alongside the mordant alum when mordanting protein fibers like wool so that they can accept natural plant-based dyes.)


Sweet , thanks. I'll figure out a time to pick it up in the next week or two.
Uhm, I don't have a spinning wheel, though.


That's ok, we already owe you.


Got a bunch of stuff.

TV - it works but not well.
Printer - Epson R210 photo printer. Needs ink.
Computer keyboards - wired.
2 sofas, one of which becomes a bed.

Swap needs to be done before March 6th. Willing to donate to charity as well. I cannot delivery, you must pick them up from Wanfang Community.

Actually, I don't need to swap, so feel free to take em off my hands.


Can we make this a sticky? I get sick of searching for the thread everytime I have something to add.

Giveaway/swap for books/herbal tea or coffee beans (whatever you want to offer as a token): Full-length ladies wetsuit, about US size 4/small. I wore it once in the 5-meter pool 6 years ago, but can't dive, and it needs to be used.

Give away; Simple coffee maker, without the pot. It has a metal mug we used with it. Nothing needed as a swap.

Still have two or three fabulous wordworking books I bought for my husband about three years ago and he never opened. Full directions on building cabinets, doorframes, furniture...

I'm going to the enterpeneur's meeting this Sunday, so if you are attending, I can take any of these things there to pass on.

Kage, I never got back to you about the sewing machine, sorry! I won't use your machine because I have two curious kids and nowhere it store it out of their way, so I won't risk it getting damages.


Me being me it seems I accidentally double clicked on my Amazon order and I got two books instead of one. :blush: I'll trade them for BoB books or any other interesting offer:

1. The Photographer's Eye: composition and design for better digital photos

2. Dr. Pitcairn's new complete guide to natural health for dogs and cats[color=#FF0000]GONE[/color]

Any interested parties please reply promptly.


I have 4 Deepak Chopra books to give away.


When are you gonna fetch your wee CD player? I'll make you curry.


hehehehe yes and you have a liquor filled plane too!!