Taipei Bus Lines - Useful Link


In case this hasn't been posted yet: ... x_6_1.aspx



Thanks Balazs.

I'll make this sticky, it looks useful alright.



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How useable do you find the web site?

I found it difficult to choose a landmark that it recognised.

I'm doing a research report on the English living environment in Taiwan so I would be interested in any feedback on this subject.


This PDF is a good map from the site, it's 16 megs so it might take a little while to download:

Greater Taipei Bus Map


mmmmmmmm. sorry. Take a look. These links are not working anymore. I am considering a site where I can print and laminate various useful bus lines to an A4 page for my planner and use as I need. Somebody want to make some money? Laminate bus routes and the Taipei Metro info from the freeby map at the MRT into a series of pages and market them. You might want to consider an island wide hiway map also. Include pub information from FORUMOSA and other "useful" information and make some bucks. Count me in. I'll be the first to buy at about 500 NT laminated.


anyone got anything for taipei -> taipei county route maps? ie how to get from taipie to san chong etc. i need to find route maps for the 801 and 803 but the taipei site dont have em


Which freebie map? An Engilish one I assume. Wouldn't selling them be a breach of copyright or something?


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The English version of the site seems to only work reliably with Internet Explorer, not Firefox/Mozilla. Interestingly, the Chinese version seems to work fine with either.


I seem to find that a lot of Taiwanese websites don't work so well with Firefox. Anyway, this map is invaluable. Saves me loads of time from roaming the street frantically searching the posted route maps (some of which are for buses that don't stop there anymore.) Near my home is the a stop for 665, but one day as I was checking out where it stops some old lady stopped and told me that she hadn't seen that bus stop there in ages. I was like great, checked this map online and sure enough, no route. I go here first now.


The last time I was in Taiwan (a couple of years ago) you could buy a booklet with the bus routes in the bookshops.

Is this still the case? If so what's it called (in Chinese)?


Yeah, it's still there. I just bought one last week at ESLITE. It's the Chinese one you mean, right. Title: 公車捷運指南 (Gongche Jieyun zhinan, Bus MRT guide). A little yellow pocket, 400 pages. It's very very useful (if you can read a bit of Chinese, at least).


I should add, I have the 大台北 edition (da Taibei) edition... it must be available for many other places as well.


This site has realtime (nearly realtime) traffic and bus information:


Found this groovy page belonging to the city government's web site that shows the exact location of Taipei buses.
Just click on the bus number you want, and it'll show when the next bus will be at a certain stop (down to the minute). I actually tested it out and the margin of error is 2 minutes at most. It even shows the license plate number of the bus. :sunglasses: No more 15 min. wait in the rain. :slight_smile:


Great link! Very useful, thanks Incubus


Isn't it though. I've been using that site almost daily since I found it. Instead of waiting outside for the bus, I sit in front of the comupter and surf the web. I head downstairs when the bus is 5 min away and usually I wait no more than 3 min.


Problem is that half of the routes that goes past my here in Xindian aren't listed...
Google maps have clickable bus stops now which shows you when the next bus will arrive, although unless you know where it goes, it's a bit useless, as there aren't any route maps.