Taipei riverside bike path news


Sorry I misunderstood you. If you want to do a big loop take the paths east from Raohe to Nanhu Bridge and then head south on Yanjiu Rd, connecting with the 109 to Shenkeng (should be fairly quiet during the day). From Shenkeng cross over the river to the 106B. Ride west a few km to the zoo and it's all bike path back. You can even do a back entry into Maokong from Shenkeng if you are into some hill climbing.

The other thing to consider is that even if you take the riverpaths the whole way you can ride on side there and the other back (with just a few sections where it's the same).


Brilliant - that's the information I'm looking for. Thanks.

Mind you, that route is off the cycling map, and I don't know the area at all - but what better way to figure it out? :slight_smile:


Actually Yanjiu Rd is just at the edge. Basically just follow it and then follow the signs to Shenkeng. Google maps will show you the way clearly. And remember, from Shenkeng the river flows down to in front of the zoo.


Has anybody seen that new bridge with the big arch they're building next to the riverside park at the end of Tongan St.? It's basically at the very end of Shida Rd. right before the flood wall. It looks like a bridge that's exclusively for bikes. The ramp leads right into the park, so it can't be for cars. If that's the case, it's the fanciest bike-only bridge I've ever seen anywhere.


Sounds like the one they are building near Xiao Bitan. Incredibly fancy for a bike and pedestrian bridge. All signs say it will not be for cars though.


Supposedly in XiaoBitan they have a doggie park, too.


Yes. Two large grassy fenced in areas. I see people using them all the time, especially on weekends. Some criticism about them flooding but the New City is supposed to fix that.


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I'm not sure how new this is, but the China Post has a bunch of information about facilities around the cycling paths: ... xpands.htm


Damn fancy indeed, and just opened (though I rode it a month ago and got chased by a guard). they seem to be building a number of new access bridges-paths into the downtown core so people can more safely get to the riverside paths. Not as good as real urban lanes but still worthwhile.

That Shida bridge leads to the new (waste of space and cut trees) Hakka cultural park. Still for anyone in the Shida area it makes for a good access to the river.


I finally went to check out this bridge last night. It's pretty amazing. Having ridden almost all the riverside bike paths, I'd say this is the fanciest way to enter the riverside park. The grade is gentle enough so you can ride the whole way up, and the lookout platform at the top offers a great view and a nice breezy place to hang out. :thumbsup: The entry point is at the corner of Shida and Dingzhou Rd.


Yep, I usually ride up it most times now for a break. Actually the Hakka park is not bad with a nice pond area. The road in front has a wide sidewalk marked with a bike lane so you can ride safely right up to Taipower MRT (the last 100m is a little crowded).


Took a ride down to Bitan over the weekend and found that the new bike bridge connecting Xindian and Ankeng is now open. It's about midway between Xioulang bridge and Bitan. A white bridge with a huge arch. Can't miss it.

Another update: a couple of bike bridges are being built on the right bank of Danshui river right before you get to Shezi island. I noticed that the new ramps all have a very gentle grade. The new signs along the ramps now say "Test your brakes" instead of the old "Do not ride. Walk your bike." :sunglasses:


That new Bitan-Sunshine Park bridge is psychedelic at night as you enter a series of brightly and colorfully lit arches.

Last night rode through Sanchong, expecting to do the loop but found the riverside paths now closed as the parkland alongside is improved. Threw my plans out the works and a 3 hour ride turned into 5 (with a 1.30am return) but that is going to be a nice ride in the future. Great views across the river with the mountains rising up.

Nice to see other people still out cycling at 1am.


I have gone on several 50 mile spins on the river trails. I think making it a 100 mile ride would not be that difficult, all you need is the time.


This is really cool news. An entire loop around the city is about to open. The part that is really surprising is the connection between Nangang and the Zoo. Had no idea this was being built.

The whole loop with be just under 60km with a good climb up from Nangang or the Zoo. ... &ctNode=11


Brilliant. Looking forward to trying it sometime in the next couple of weeks.


Wow! The TaIpei Bicycle Beltway. Not even Amsterdam has something like that, esp. with the majority of the dedicated bike path being riverside.

Let's have a semi-annual Forumosa Happy Velo-Day, on bikes, and do the entire loop. I suggest early April and late November, with a primary weekend and an immediately following backup weekend in case of rain. We could have a Happy Hour upon completion at one of the riverside joints by the Bitan pedestrian bridge.... outdoors to waft away the multi-dimensional aroma of the peloton. Start/finish would then be adjacent to bike-friendly Xindian MRT.


I doubt it was ever "built" and suspect it just involved painting lines on the existing roads to create a bike lane. You'd still be sharing the road with other vehicles.


I doubt that. There is no part of the Taipei bike path that is like that. Just check out Google Maps. The first part off the Keelung River goes down a slough that clearly has space for paths. Then it runs through Academia Sinica, and through the Chinese University. A few km later it runs through Fudekeng Park which has tons of space for paths (actually I believe they are already in) and there is a clear path from there to the main riverside areas by the zoo.

At most there are a few km where they might have the lanes running on very quiet mountain roads. Nothing wrong with that.

But of course I will see in a few days, once I am over the flu.


Have we forgotten the Dunhua bike lane fiasco? What a waste of good paint.