Taiwan's Retrocession Day


As I'm sure everyone knows, Oct 25 was Taiwan's Retrocession Day. In case you are not familiar with it here is the description from the government information office. How accurate do you feel this description is?
gio.gov.tw/info/festival_c/r ... estore.htm



What, no holiday?


I had the day off - didn't you? :wink: Our company takes all the hardcore ROC holidays off. For instance, I had Teacher's Day off but my wife - who is actually a teacher - had to work.


I always thought that Taiwan Retrocession Day was the one that fell on Xmas day: 25th December. What's that Taiwanese holiday, or did they move it?


The 25 of Dec. is Constitition Day, the anniversary of the 1947 Taiwan Constitution.

We used to get that day off as well.
Same with Nov. 11. Sun Yat Sen's Birthday.
I say we need to reinstate these former holidays!


Yes! Bring back the holidays, and bring back the old practice of bumping holidays that fall on the weekend over to Monday. Don't forget Chiang Kai-shek's birthday: Halloween! Hey President Ma, what are you waiting for?

Enjoy your holiday in jail, Mr. Chen. You deserve it for taking away Taiwan's holidays!


I remember having Xmas day off being a total non-issue as well. It was, after all, a holiday! Doesn't help that they all fall on weekends this year, either! :noway: (And we'd all die if we got a day off "in lieu of".)


That's hilarious, from the war ending a year early, to the butt-ugly propaganda in the remainder. Thanks so much!


You really are a shameless propogandic tool for all the wrong people. :laughing: :unamused:

Oh and in case you forgot Chen reduced the number of holidays because his admin brought in the 5 day work week. If you want to give up every Saturday in exchange for 3 extra days holiday a year, I think you will find yourself alone.


Back before CSB, I never had to work a single Saturday to make up for those KMT era holidays. The make-up days only started, for me at least, after CSB's admistration.
If one can call such a mockery of governance an adminstration.
And it was more than just 3. There was at least 5 or 6 holidays a year that I did not have to make up.
This country needs more down time. There should not have been a 6 day work week in the first place.


So, I just found out this is a non-working holiday. I do not recall having it as a day-off before. I am not complaining, I am just surprised give how long I have lived on this island. (I should visit Forumosa more, ya think?)