Tell me about your experience living in Shenzhen



Thanks guys :slight_smile: haha, if you think I'm bad going on about how great Shenzhen is, you should hear how I go on about how great Taiwan is to the locals here (and they also have their stupid preconcieved ideas about Taiwan which aren't true) :slight_smile: I love both places, I just don't like the negative shyte people say about my city (if it were all true I would agree).

Having been to both places I can simply report what I've seen. BTW, expect to see me in Taiwan next year around March/April, I'm planning another bike roadtrip


So which part did I get wrong again? I find no glamour in the underbelly, nor romance in honor among thieves. But, kudo’s to you for going out and seeing the, “real China”, that is out there and I am glad that you can still see the humanity through all the grit.

Spend some more time in Taiwan and you’ll realize you're a bit off base interms of the environment/pollution. Either that or you've been watching too much CCTV.


And you can piss off with the passive-aggressive malarkey, too. My notions are not stupid, nor are they preconceived. They are the result of two decades of feedback from people I trust a whole shedload more than you, bubba.


Haha, thanks, and yes I could be off on the environment thing, but seriously I found it difficult to breathe in all that traffic and had black grit on my face after a day riding, I'm just talking from first hand experiences.. actually I took a lot of youtube videos while driving around Taipei and Taoyuan etc, you can check them out, you'll see the air quality was pretty shyte in Taipei, and don't even get me started on that Linkou place 林口 (It could just have been a bad week for air quality though). Anyway my comment was on Taipei specifically, I drove out one morning to watch the sunrise over taipei.. and yes the air quality again was a little shyte.

Sunrise over taipei:

Pic of Taipei from the 101:

Okay now I know this isn't fair because I don't have a sunrise picture of Shenzhen, but I'll get up early and take one tomorrow, here's a picture I took during the day from the top of my building:

and one more of the actual city also from my building, please note that I used the same camera to take all four pictures:


So you have a pic of Taipei affected by duststorms from China. Yes, we get those every year for a few days. Shenzen doesn't? Today, Taipei is at least as clear as your Shenzen pics.
The following is more like the Shenzen I'm aware of. The piece is two years old. I'm willing to bet its only got worse since then.
Not that I give a shit one way or the other. I'll never go there, probably.


Like I said, it could've been a bad week or something.

I really don't want to get into a tit for tat thing, I was only commenting on air quality, and specifically inside the Special economic zone, where there are no factories and the stuff that article is on about I won't deny, but air quality here is and always has been good (at least for the last 4 years), with the occasional bad day (which is why I think Taipei was having a bad week or something when I was there).

Please post some pics of clear skies over Taipei (this isn't a challenge, I genuinely want to see what it's like).


I think one of the biggies for people living in Taiwan is we don't have to worry saying something like 'you can set-up a VPN' to avoid censorship', things like that. The other very irritating thing in China is that it is hard to have a conversation if you are based in Taiwan and you are proud of living here and stuff in Taiwan because they often pick it up the wrong way, basically too patriotic. THey miss all the good stuff , start opening their mouths and showing their lack of education and understanding of the world, hard to make friends with those type of people. By moving to China we all have to compromise more than we like. The other issue I found recently is that China is not open-minded regarding visa applications, making it more and more difficult and investing and running companies in China is a lot more controlled compared to Taiwan, they whack on big taxes on everything and put capital controls on your company. Taiwan and HK are far superior for doing business unless you have to be based in China (I guess you are doing quality control work or sourcing). Shenzhen looks nice from your pics and video, I'm sure it's very liveable.

Taipei has bad air quality, that's undeniable (mostly from local vehicles/industry but some is from the China 'brown cloud'), I have moved away and suffer from allergies a lot less now. When I was in Shenzhen it did seem better than the other cities I have visited in China.


Sunset from the teahouses in the south:

Slightly cloudy, not hazy (don;f forget it's very humid here):

Again, from the south of the city looking over the entire thing (that's the ocean on the other side of those mountains in the distance):


Those mountains are at least 20km away.


Bloody awesome pictures mate!

Guess I was just there at the wrong time (first impressions and all that).
I have hundreds of awesome pictures of Shenzhen, but I won't bother posting them unless anyone wants to see them.


Yes you can get great sunny days in Taipei with clear skies. Unfortunately they are rather rare and it's usually a bit hazy and in the winter it is grey and rains a lot, the same can probably be said for Shenzhen or most cities of course. The problem with Taipei is it in a basin surrounded by mountains and in the summer the ozone and vehicular pollution is quite severe.


I spent 10 weeks straight in Shenzen and perhaps nearly 4 months in total there this year....

Rare to have a clear sunny day there


Bitan hands down beats SZ or anywhere else across the Strait. Rainforest in your backyard. :sunglasses: :sunglasses: If you want buzz, the MRT is a sway away. And let's not forget the famous "jug band lounge", the nicest 7/11 in convenistan. Roti from 'thula, brew at the lounge, river stroll. You might see a celeb, like B9 and a pooch. Or scoot a fandango on the back road to Wulai.

SZ? :ponder:


So how about this: If you had to pick a metro stop to live beside in SZ, which one?

Unrelated, anyone know when the extensions to the metro are due to open? Why is this massive town that is filled with expats such a black hole on the internet... Or is that a big fat hint to newcomers?



The bits I've seen are better put together (and obviously newer) than Taipei. It seems to be pretty nice along the coastal strip. But the train station..urrgh.


ughh. thats a lot of pics loading.

Shenzhen Bay has fantastic weather. everytime I've gone thru, in various seasons, have been clear skies and very sunny.


Really? Thousand words? I was thinking more like 33:

SZ is like a used car dealership, lot's of eye candy on the rare bright sunny day, but don't look under the hood of anything, you won't like what get.


^^ is that the best you can come up with? Let me show you how it's done:

On a related note, this is still Shenzhen:


Geez I'm gonna post way too many Shenzhen pics

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Apologies for spamming this thread with Shenzhen pics

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