The Hardest Rockin Songs Ever!


Oh and this.


black sabbath - war pigs
truth and janey - white bread
sir lord baltimore - hell hound
social distortion - moral threat
white zombie - thunderkiss '65
tubeway army - listen to the sirens
stooges - search and destroy
doors - five to one
melvins - honey bucket
boris - pink
grand funk railroad - inside looking out
iron maiden - phantom of the opera
CCR - commotion

ok i better stop :stuck_out_tongue:





why not? I work out to it.


Why not play these songs :ponder: ?


speaking of "the walls"

Funny how the mind works, I hadn't heard or even thought of this song in at least 20 years but as soon as it stopped I could hear the opening bass line of six pack in my head clear as day


Ah yes, junior high...


The 1st live gig by Black Country Communion can be seen in Malibu West on the big screen by request.




a definite guilty pleasure from Flash Gordon



side one of born again, still great


Nobody should ever have to feel guilty about liking Queen :no-no: !



A hard rockin song with a good message.

Kids, stay away from them chemicals :no-no: .



Iron Maiden hasn't aged as well as some other bands for me but this one is still something