The Hardest Rockin Songs Ever!


I just listened to the whole thing. That was worth it. Well worth it. I even listened to Powerslave and Two Minutes to Midnight afterwards :slight_smile: .


Hell yeah. The part after the break starting about 7:30 is about as good as anything


Mr. Gain, this one's for you, it includes a STINKIN GOOD live version of one of the chief's Top 20 Guitar Solos of All Time, with, of course, lead vox by the love child of Arthur Brown and Conor Prunty...


That's NIIICE!!!


Great. Now I'm going to have to listen to Maiden all weekend long. Thanks, a lot.

If you haven't seen their documentary "Flight 666", I highly recommend it. Their singer pilots their tour jet.


Thank you kind sir! Great video and solo indeed, would have liked to have seen them


I'll have to look that up, I was just watching him in an interview about something, maybe it was the black sabbath bio i saw a while ago


No kidding. That was terrific! Aside from the great music, the fabulous hopping around like a madman and the giant wide eyes, etc. :laughing: Hell, who needs laser shows and what not when you've got talent like that. :notworthy:

Well, believe it or not, it's not too late.


Jethro Tull is another band that needs to come to Taiwan. They could swing by sometime close to their Australia visit. And Jimi, why would you ever say I was too old for wanting them to come here (like you said in another thread) after that NIIICE perfomance :ponder: :raspberry: ?


All hail Jethro Tull.


Motorhead and Girlschool


Pennywise from a show in 2010.


This one's more tribal in nature than the three above, and this is only the first part of it (I think the whole thing is more than 40 minutes long), so I'll understand fully if you don't dig it:


Nothing against the others but that last one's a classic, always makes me think of Artur up in Birdland, many moons ago.


Please pardon my two-part question, but I confess I'm stumped :s :

(1) Were you referring to the last one that I posted (because if you are, that's surprising--I was pretty sure nobody would dig that one), or maybe something in some other person's post (because we often reply before we reach the end of the thread). :neutral:

(2) No matter what post or song you were referring to, which Artur played in Birdland? Art[hur] Blakey played in Birdland, but that's the only Arthur I know of that would fit (and I'm not really familiar with him), and I did a pretty good bit of googling. :ponder:



da-da da-da-da da-da-da da-da-DA-da-da for 40 minutes? Who wouldn't like that? :slight_smile:

Hehe, not surprised you couldn't find it. a search on "birdland" here on Forumosa would do better. Caesar he called himself too, yeah.


:blush: Sorry I missed that one, and sorry for not checking, too, but I never could have imagined somebody else would have posted it.

Did you post "Refried Boogie" ironically, or did you actually like it? :laughing:

See 'cause for a while around, say, 1969, I listened to it repeatedly (at a friend's house; I didn't own it). I don't know how many times, but I think it qualifies at least as a phase I was going through. I don't fully understand why I listened to it, but it's almost as if I expected to find the key to crack the "hippie code," or attain nirvana, or something. I had some kind of thought like, "This means something. I don't know what it means, but if I listen long enough, maybe I will."

And I really do think it captured some sort of essence of the hippie tribe (of which I wasn't even a proper member, just a catechumen).

And I don't know much about those guys. They played at a pop festival at Prairieville, Louisiana, in 1969, but they played on the first or second day, and I only caught the third day. Santana was there on the third day. That was wild. The Grateful Dead started up in the evening, just as we were leaving (we had school the next day). Bummer. :frowning:

Edit: OK, I just did a search, and now I get the Birdland reference. Old times here, before my time.


I forgot I had, until i searched on birdland. caesar had that on vinyl, among many others.

Sounds like good times, better than birdland for sure :slight_smile:


Pretty wild ride their Jimi. I'll reply with this...