The Hardest Rockin Songs Ever!


That was a great Iggy Pop post. The problem when you watch it on youtube first is they ask you who you think will win the Republican nomination first. I don't give a fuck about that and think that politics is all a joke anyway.

Anyway, time to crank it up good and loud!

I am from Seattle and I miss the nineties :frowning: .


Damn Youtube. It won't let me paste two videos I wanted to post! :fume:


I am not from Detroit and I don't particularly miss the late 80s.


WholeLottaLotta - Rocket from the Crypt - that's a brilliant tune! Haven't heard that for ages.

I like to annoy my neighbours with heavy stuff as I always have been a little bit of a rocker.

Perhaps the most under-rated band - of the 80's and 90's - way ahead of their time, Faith No More. Any number by them, especially if the MV contains diving golfers and aggressive turtles:

If you like masks and fire in some kind of yard, Psychosocial by Slipknot:

(and I'm not even a 15 year old emo kid)

But one of my favorites, featuring swinging lightbulbs in a mansion: Biffy Clyro and That Golden rule


Shirley wears cool pants in this but may well you laugh, it's still true.


Super Hans. Faith No More was an underrated band from the early nineties. Their fans think that the comparisons between them and another band that often sings about California and has the word "Chili" in the name are unwarranted.

I also like Psychosocial. And I am the furthest thing from a fifteen year old Emo Kid.


Speaking of which, if I haven't posted these already (and probably already have)...


I love the chilli peppers, faith no more and the whole post 90s grunge/rock scene, but this band still rocks for me.


Green Jello. A band that admitted the never had any talent. Gotta love it :slight_smile: .

DEVO :notworthy: !


If you never heard of Bobby Conn, you are in for a treat.

Dead Weather (a Jack Black side project)

The Black Keys. Making real rock music.

Next up...


Terry Reid. The man who turned down lead singer with Led Zep!

Now listen to the Zep and hear the voice, similar? I think so.

And for me the the most rocking song ever is this one (apologies if already posted).


dat some crazy shit


Bobby is the Biz! Crazy for sure.


That Terry Reid song would fit nicely on a Black Crowes album.


Terry Reid is not that well known but, has influenced many bands of the rock genre. The album River is well worth checking and IMO one of the best rock albums ever made.


I just listened to the Bobby Conn stuff for the first time. Agreed that it was a treat and agreed that it was some crazy shit :bravo: .


I'm amazed that I haven't posted this before. I like this even better than Purple Haze, which this song was a B-side for. Fifty years they've been married... :notworthy:

This thread needs a Neil Peart drum solo. Skip to the 2:38 mark, if you want to get past all the cheesy humor.


Thanks WLL, I'm amazed I never heard that!


Neal Peart. Now you're talking!
He's just amazing.

Rush are technically brilliant, but I only like a small sample of their songs. I wish Peart was in a other band, to be honest.

Whole Lotta Lotta - I thought Patton joined FNM in 88 or 89, or am I mistaken?

Anyway, my contribution for today:

That is Rockin.' I never get bored of this song.


I don't actually know enough about FNM to be able to tell you :blush: .