The Hardest Rockin Songs Ever!


This one may not be THE hardest rocker, but when it came out, it was somethin' else.
This version is quite special to us here at Forumosa because it had our very own sandman in the audience. (I hope you don't mind me outing you.) :blush: He was much younger then, but I think some of you will recognize him at the 5:28-5:29 mark. He's the one with the glasses. I just wish I could have been there. :pray:



Buffalo "Shylock" from Volcanic Rock.


Sorry if this has been posted before. It is just time to revitalize this thread.

It is not about the country. It is actually about a car.



Alice in Chains. Now you're talking.


Shite. Now you're talking shite. I'm starting to wonder if you really are Super Hans. I mean, would the legendary leader of Man Feelings, a man who has looked through the other end of the telescope, ever have even listened to any of that sad grunge tripe, much less give it the thumbs up? No. Super Hans is a man of principle. Especially when it comes to tidying up. And drugs. Actually, principally when it comes to drugs. To wit:

I played drums in a group in Taiwan with the guitar player with hair and a shirt in this video. What we played was, erm...nothing like this.

Who can define "hardest rocking"? This does it for me:

And sometimes there isn't even a song involved in rocking hard.


Yes, the cardiacs are having a rest.

Irony, if ever there was.

You're a drummer, so like me you appreciate the odd-timed progressiveness of their song structure.


I don't see why people piss on grunge so much. It has a nice down-to-earth quality that I like.
That said, The Cardiacs sure can play.


Wolfmother, epic band, 30 years too late!

Queens of the Stone Age, they rock.

Eagles of Death Metal, best name ever!


Took me forever to remember the lyrics enough to search for this, but it was a big favorite of mine:


Many rock songs are just about sex and drugs, but this song is different.
It is about a very pleasant European city.

Brilliant guitar and off-beat drums by the brothers.


Yes, a European city where there happens to be a lot of sex and drugs.


A song for how I am feeling at the moment.



You taking the piss? Personally I don't mind a bit of Genesis for the irony. BUT we all know they were shite.


No accounting for taste.


I've not met an accountant with taste, so yea.


The board already has a sizable segment of folks who think that anyone who thinks differently from them is an inferior being, but there's always room for more.


I love these guys :notworthy: .