The Hardest Rockin Songs Ever!





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For cellebrating it, and because the first ZZ top albums have some traces of Black Sabbath, in some way, I’m going to post this one, which simplicity and contundence in sound and rythm have a powerful charm.


Quibble. BS and ZZT have a common ancestor, blues music. While Black Sabbath is a slightly older band, I don’t think they’ve had much musical influence on ZZ Top.

Incidentally, ZZT are ancient blues rockers, but they’re still fun to see. Swagger has always been important in rock music, and it’s still fun to see in concert-size doses. He’s coming up his seventieth year, but Billy Gibbons takes no backseat to any swagger, anywhere.


Yes, I know, like rock in general but perhaps more clear. TBH I don’t really know if they listen to any Black Sabbath material and they were influenced, but it could have been the case. They were pretty much kids when they came up with those songs.

Also I wasn’t saying that there was necessarily some influence, but maybe my choice of words indicated so. But some of their songs did have rome rawness, some heaviness that reminds of Black Sabbath and not just because of the combination of chords or scales.

It’s the kind of concert I’d pay for nowadays. Although I’m afraid it would be super expensive, especially in Taiwan. I’d love a small club’s session!


Me too. I saw them 5 or 6 years ago, evening show at an outdoor pavilion seating ~3,500. Outdoors, but still good. I would definitely pay to see that show again.



ZZ Top, the best little band from Texas-the de stijl collection, no order

valhalla riff. yt engineered for beats by dre, ergo nsfw

he’s with robert palmer

we get it, billy gibbons is a guitar hero



Found about that weird project last week… LOTS





MC5 rocked hard.