The Most Electronic Thread




Loved that. Drilling, filling, Marcus(?) head. Sending rending desires...

Not so experimental but also fun:




The whole of this album is great. A 90s treasure.





Old skool Germanic trance from the 90s. Does it still have a place in today's society? Ja.


hell ja



Could I be the only person on the forum that has owned a copy of this? (albeit a reissue)


That's probably a safe bet Funk!


Thanks! I'll try School for Robots dance with my kids :laughing:

Bjorn Fogelberg from

Life in a tube

Karooshi porn


how about this then (speaking of electronica, why not take it back to the way way whens of electronic music and the invention of the moog?). and just to rub it in, mr Funk 7 million, my copy was original vinyl. :raspberry:

unfortunately no Youtube.


I miss that stuff :frowning:


she's unrelenting on copyright infringement. i posted "timesteps" on the tube but got a copyright notice within a few days over it.


I had another Walter Carlos piece, Sonic Seasons i think it was. later than the Bach... and very scratchy vinyl. That was the first record I ever washed in dish washing detergent, in the washing up, in the sink...

the actual music on the record was not bad either, once the grime was removed.

sold em all years back when I needed to eat.


a little digging on another forum turned up this quotable post:

all of which i would support.

Long out of my electronic phase now, having rediscovered that my punk roots go all the way back to 1965 garage. I still like eno and fripp, though: can't beat class.


best played at dark with the lights down low