The oddest foreigner you've met here -- share your story


And he's genuine too. IRL, he's exactly like he is on the radio. Very high-energy, nice fellow, remembers your name.


WHAT? Nekkid from the waist down? ALL the time? That is a SCARY notion.


obviously you don't need get lost in taiwan in order to develop certain habits…
rumor has it that there is an austrian exchange student guy who is stealing his breakfast every morning at a chengchi university's 7/11. the girl working there knows. and he knows she knows. but he keeps stealing and she feels too embarrassed to report anyone.


Damn, you nailed it (kind of), the most annoying foreigners I come across these days are the goddamn conspiracy fuckwits. They don't shut up about it and as soon as someone cracks the door anywhere near those topics they got their foot jammed in it for the rest of the night, yabberin loud at a pub or ruining your night at a friends for beers.

Nothing worse than a gullible moron thinking they have the inside scoop on something.


A guy came for a demo at our school and didn't really want to go after he didn't get the job. He told us how he can improve the school. He also asked the teacher of the class why the kids weren't familiar with the posters (but we get new posters every month) and told us he was in the Canadian military and how he can use that on our 3 yr olds who weren't sitting quietly.
My boss didn't hire him, but he came back..and handed out namecards to parents.

may be one of you! But yes, was weird.

and...whatever happened to that Martial Arts guy that used to hang out between Spin and Roxy?Big bald guy...

may be one of you!


Is it ok to talk about people living in Taiwan now?

Heard about a guy living now in Hualien that tries to direct traffic like a traffic cop, even to the extent of knocking on drivers windows to talk to them. He gets drunk and then gets beat up by gangsters or someone about once a month. The cops are apparently used to him now and I guess they just put up with him. Hmmm, maybe he is on this board also and can help make it not sound so odd.


Ain't that the truth.
If I hear about "Zeitgeist" I just look at them like they're a VHS player - "they still MAKE you??" i can't believe people are still going on about that tripe, but incredibly, they are, and they never shut up.


Thank you. I don't know this guy, but visualizing him made my day.


Don't know if he's been mentioned yet...but there is a strange fellow who hangs out in a certain underpass in Taipei, singing songs to try and get money. His appearance is quite ragged and his songs seem to be in some Scandinavian or Northern European language, although I wouldn't know.


I dunno. That sounds about par for the course for Hualien foreigners. The East Coast is special.


Early 2000s was a wild time


Did people really sling homophobic asides so casually only 13 years ago? :man_facepalming:


And they didn’t get removed, not even temped.


No, it was probably accepted talk back then. Or at least no one cared enough to do anything. Hell, I’m sure the mods did it too.


I saw a guy matching this description earlier this year in the underpass at NTU. Guess he’s been around awhile.


Wolf was kind of given leeway. While obviously a bit homophobic he was openminded and genuinely curious about matters gay.


Usually the ones who talk most about it are indeed the ones who are most “curious.”


I’ve never met one foreigner who was as crazy as any of these characters, let alone known the 20 or so he lists here. It’s like Batman’s rogues gallery. Either this guy has a great imagination, or this island used to be like “Escape from New York.” (Except with more pedophiles, smugglers and prostitutes. Wtf…). Maybe it’s still like this and I just lead a super boring life.


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The weirdest guy was an mixed asian Australian guy who worked on a farm in Australia who only liked western (white) women. He was having a lot of trouble with dating and just general social interaction. His frustrations with the opposite sex often led him to have misogynistic rants in person and on facebook. Like, true misogyny, and crazy angry views.

I met him actually on here, he was asking for help and advice so I decided to meet up with him and just kinda take him out to socialize and give him some advice and maybe meet some people to build a social circle. So initial interaction was that he was just socially awkward, he wasn’t very well spoken and couldn’t draw you in with anything, very little care of his own grooming and fashion. But I guess some of it was from living on a farm and probably and could easily be fixed by getting a proper haircut and learning how to dress.

Added him on facebook and he began to get really weird. Posting very racist and misogynistic views and ranting. Saying some pretty racist things about women of different race, like one moment he would say western women were too independent and should know their place. And another moment he would say asian women were too submissive and love the white man. Thing about how men where superior to women and how they belong in the kitchen. He also wasn’t too keen on immigrants, which was confusing because he is a immigrant…and praised trump on the whole pussy grabbing thing… I would told him to delete them, and he usually would.

So one day, he posted something about trump, apparently he added my gf on facebook and she disagreed. He later deleted me. I had no idea why at the time. I later reported back on what happened on here. He signed on and said he deleted me because we had an argument about trump…but we never talked about politics. Noted I’m not a fan of trump but I never spoke to him about it and made it look like i’m bashing him because of political differences. Last I heard, he went to learn to be a scuba diving instructor in kenting. I can’t even explain how strange of a guy this was.

Do words have power?