The Reliable News: A list


Thought I was just reading for amusement, as I do appreciate the comments and links to sites all over the grid. And then the hilarious scare tactic to send off some link to the moonie washington times? Comon, should someone cower to such a threat? If you are in cahoots with them, please ask them to comment on how quickly secret service was dispatched to collect the publications in DC that morning. The rest of that story does however go on, in case someone wants to read whole article about the cover-ed up homo prostitution sex-ring of the Reagan/Bush White House (page1 page2).

Questioning the validity of a source is healthy and wise. All too often red/blue/green/pink soapboxers only regurgitate points of one slant. Did anyone refer to Faux news as a reliable source?

I went through the 9 page forum about "What's going right in Iraq", which started by quoting an article from, which actually just promotes an OpEd from some no-name Brent Walker for the website that describes itself as the "Multi-National Force - Iraq official web site" Hmmm. Alternative media is definately required to counter such rosy bed of fubar. How about "Iraq for Sale" (its an online movie, you won't see on BBC/CNN/etc... yet.)

I don't think I saw these links on previous pages of this forum, so for the benefit of those looking for non-White House/KarlRove-approved news:

Every now and then a fresh Daniel Elsberg blows a lie-stopping whistle. When we catch an understanding of some hidden realities that mainstream media balks at covering, we just have to be willing to do what we can promote truth into enough minds of reasonable people to force the media to cover the truth... instead of waiting for heavy-dollar propaganda to tell us "WWIII came to our door to kill our liberty".

Citizens of conscience... seek truth, and don't cower to party-line media mouthpieces.

"Do you realize that Exxon-Mobil is the second largest
lifetime career giver to George W. Bush, the Bush family,
only after Enron?" -- Greg Palast


Here's one I came across this evening: political theory daily review. The links are divided into three parts: news room, town square, and ivory tower. Looks interesting so far.
About: political theory daily review


From the files of the Bleedin' Obvious: ... knowledge/


In fairness, fans of the O'Reilly Factor and Rush weren't far behind. Fox has been shown to mislead its viewers, but anyone taking in the top ranking programs is probably already informed or attuned to what's going on.


Another good site for timely ME reportage:

Middle East

About Middle East Newsline

Sorry, no 'comedy reporter' section.


Roger Cohen makes a fair argument for Al Jazeera English.


A few favourites for me in no specific order. You probably already know this one. From the USA, but sometimes quoted by newspapers in China.... The Sydney morning herald. An Australian TV show. wonderful religious news from the USA.


Presidential watch 08: a fabulous index of the political blogosphere.


fivethirtyeight for enough polls to choke on.


for politics...also good news items and commentary covering the spectrum.


I'm replying to my own post - is now defunct.

For this ongoing financial crisis, the two following have been really good, and their predictions remarkably accurate so far:

Neither liberal nor conservative. Just the economic crisis - with opinions to be sure - but great reporting by a couple of "amateurs" who make the "professionals" look like the fools they are.


Here is a link to a page of "foreign" newspapers from all over the world. From the Adelaide Advertiser to the Yugoslavia Today its about 50 - 60 different newspaper site links.

Foreign Newspapers

Here they are in one easy to find place.


I enjoy

Maybe it's just coz I'm a kiwi :slight_smile:

Every once in a while the opinion pieces are interesting, and while they deal with NZ issues (like power companies raping the country) some could be pertinent to other countries' issues.

And Joe Bennett is often gold!


what about Taipei Times and xiahua or china post?

Hehe...just kidding

Great video interviews and a huge archive.


C-Span, C-Span, C-Span.


The Breitbart group of web sites offer a good compilation of material from around the world. You can US or World choices on news/weather/etc. what topic you wish to see the latest about. Either text or video offerings.

And for the latest articles you won't find on the MSM or other Gov't controlled media...



Wow. Breitbart has been busy.

I do find myself there for news clips. But I prefer Charlie Rose for extended interviews.

Way back on page 1.


I like Alex Jones's


One News Page
Search news archive of 14.5+ million headlines

"Current headlines" only, apparently starting in Oct 2008.