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Formosans, regarding the CCRD.. where can I take it to be translated into Chinese and and certified by a public notary?
Does anyone know of an office that does both in one sweep?

On a lesser note, I'm also seeking to move from Taipei City to Taipei County... what kind of proof do I have to submit to change the address on my ARC?

Any advice welcome ... Thanks.


Can't tell you where to get it translated in your neck of the woods, but I had mine and my girlfeiends translated by one of my waiters. I don't think you need to have it done "professionally" just as long as it accurately says what it says. If you want an example I could send you my translation. Also you can't get it notorized or it will be rejected. You must have it authenticated by a TECO branch in your home country. To do so, you need to send your CCRD along with your translation (and a fee...I believe it was about $50 US) to a TECO office and they will authenticate it and send it back to you. Takes about 10 days if you send it to the right office the first time.


This place will do both, NT$1500.

To change your address, household registry is best, lease in your name or other proof of residence at that address, like bills in your name also good. Call the NIA to make sure, they have staff that are pretty fluent in English.


The translation service that I am familiar with also coordinates the notarization/certification of documents for use in Taiwan. Call Wonder Translation Service, 2311-7077 . . . . . Their offices are near the New Park (228 Park, north side) in Taipei.

I think they can tell you where to go, or how to accomplish, any sort of notarial or certification services. As I know, they have good relations with relevant Taiwan officialdom. They can also help you deal with paperwork that has to be stamped by local courts.

I have used their translated and stamped/certified paperwork in many dealings with officialdom in Taiwan with no problems.


From this post : APRC how-to guide(


Hi guys,

I've been reading some of the threads about APRC procedure and everything is a little clearer but I have some questions about the translation and authentication part.

I'm American and while the British how to guide helped a lot I just want to make sure it's the same procedure for Americans.

First my mom in the states just recieved my CCRD from the FBI and now I just realized it needs to be notarized. I'm still not sure about the translation but I think I need to do that to.

Here is the link to the TECO office in the states that I need to send it to. ... mp=52&xp1=

2 is what worries me. It says I have to get it notarized and that I physically have to be there when they do it. How can I physically get it notarized if I can't physically be there in the states.

From what I've been reading I think I'm supposed to have her send me the document here and get it notarized and translated here. Then send it to the Los Angelos branch of TECO with an application form and 15 dollars. If I'm wrong someone please tell me before I have her send it to me. Anyways a little help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


You need to have your mother send your ccrd here without being notorized. Once you recieve it you'll need to have it translated. Then you will need to send the unnotorized ccrd, the unnotorized translation, the application form, your return address here in Taiwan, and the money to the TECO office in DC, not LA and they will authenticate it and send it back to you and you don't have to be present for any of it. Once it is authenticated by the TECO office you are good to go. I know the LA office is probably the closest office from where you lived in the states, but since you had the FBI do your ccrd the closest office to the FBI is in DC. They go by where you had your ccrd done. I made the same mistake and it took another couple of weeks for my paperwork to be transferred to DC. If you need a translation of the ccrd I can e-mail you one. I'm pretty sure all you would have to do is change the personal information.


I had to send my papers back to the TECO office in Ottawa to be translated and authenticated, translation and authentication fee was $20 Canadian dollars plus $85 Canadian dollars for postage, not fedex just regular postage a $2 dollar Canadian stamp, nice friggin racket they got going there. :fume:


Winkler Partners Translation specializes in translating legal documents of all kinds including CCRDs, and can deliver translations of short documents in 1 to 2 business days (and can have the translation notarized if necessary). or contact Olga Yang at 886-2-2311-2345 ext. 305. ... tion-d.php


Hi guys....I was told ( Im in Taipei County) that I dont need to get the CCRD translation authenticated( from the TRO in London) I only need to get it notorized here in Taiwan.

Does anyone know a place in or near Yungho...?? How much did they charge....?

Oh does this sound right with the other guys who have done the APRC who live in Taipei county...? Would like to know...

Thnx :sunglasses:


Raja...AFAIK, all official documents from abroad which are in a language other than Chinese needs to be translated & notarized...your original CCRD must be authenticated first by the TRO in London and then the MOFA in Taiwan....after that, you need to get it translated (get any of your Taiwan friends to do it for wife did it for me)...and then take both the Original & the translation to a notary public to get it notarized.

I did my notarization in Banqiao...there's a notary public just beside the Hsin Pu MRT Station Exit you get out of the Exit, look to your left & up....they are located on the 2nd floor and there's a huge blue signboard with the words "公証" hanging from their can't miss it....I forgot the was about NT$700~NT$800....they will do it on the spot and give you 8 copies of the notarized translation.

Hope this helps!.. :sunglasses:

Edit: Sorry, I misread your post the first time...Yes, you do not need to get the [color=#FF0000]CCRD translation[/color] authenticated....just the Original CCRD....


SpringOnion,,,,and I sure do miss em over here....but anyway back on to the topic....That was great info I will follow that up . I just got word my Police report is done so wont be too long hopefully now.

#13 my CCRD has arrived in the now Ive been told it only has like one sentence on it.....Whis roughly says "There is no info on out computers about this person" and that is it !!!

I thought it was supposed to get translated. If it is only that one sentence fcuk I could do that....!! Is this this what other Brits got on their CCRD reply / result. ???

Also how long did the Milton Keynes ( FCO) stamp take to get and the TRO stamp....??

Looks like I might be heading for after Chinese New Year at this rate. Anyone else about to apply soon...??

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So for translation they have a list of places where the translation can be notorised . I did mine in Ban ciao as I had to go there to hand in my APRC application. Cost me 750nt and they did it in about 30 mins.


Can you please post where did you do this? The name of the place, or something?

Thanks in advance!

Spanish Translation Services


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Is $1500 about the standard price for translation and notarisation in Taiwan. It seems very expensive.

I paid $1800 for translation and notarisation of a 1 page Australian police check.

Ripped off? someone in this post mentioned $750 for both...hmmm


NT$1500? NT$750? Both ripped off, obviously - Google Translate does it for free! :popcorn:


No, we cant use google yuli. We need this paperwork for official reasons and thus we cant just 'use google'. I also had to have mine notarised which was $1000NT.
Does anyone know a cheap official translation service place for chinese to english.

It needs to be official and probably notarised as it is applying for an Australian spouse visa so me and my wife can move to Australia.
The austalian spouse visa is already $63,000NT and i dont really want to be paying $1800 each for all the bits and pieces i need


Sorry if my attempt at sarcasm didn't get anywhere... :frowning:
I felt your use of "ripped off" was inappropriate, but i understand your objective and have no objection to anybody looking for a given service for the lowest price they can get. :wink: