Uk electronics in Taiwan


Hi All,

I’m thinking of bringing all my electronics over from Ireland, which uses the same 220v as the U.K., does anybody have any experience with say, using a U.K. Tv in Taiwan?


Don’t bother.


Why? I’m getting it shipped for free, don’t really want to try to sell just to by again!


Indeed. Why on earth would you want to do this? I suppose there’s nothing wrong with bringing small wall-wart-powered thingummies - your favourite alarm clock, say - but leave your large domestic appliances at home.

I suggest selling your TV and not buying another one :slight_smile:


Haha, my wife would probably suggest the same!


You could buy some step down transformers for each device you want to use. But that is probably dependent on the cost. The transformer might be more expensive than some of the smaller devices.


Whether something works depends on precisely what it is. A TV, for example, is unlikely to work - too many possible incompatibilities apart from the power issue. Little gadgets normally have a universal input and just need a plug adapter. High-power heating devices (hairdryers, ovens, etc) would be a definite no.

How about just post a list of what you’d like to bring and we can give you a yes/no/maybe.


I agree, I brought a few things over from the UK the small items work OK to some extent but the power 220v/110v is a big difference, I have found Step down converters but the maximum wattage for a small adapter seems to be 150W (but then they suggest only using electrics with half that wattage incase of power surges) you can buy bigger V converters but a bit of a eyesore.

My Advice Look at what you have if you can covert/ or works on both Voltages 220v/110v keep it if not sell it and buy new!


TV’s are much much cheaper in the UK than Taiwan (even more so if you can claim the VAT back), so if you’re getting it shipped for free then I’d say yes - however check it’s multi-voltage (my Samsung is).

You don’t need to worry about the tuner in it, as you’ll be using a cable box anyway which will plug straight into hdmi.

If you have a Dyson, bring that over too, they are also mutli-voltage and much cheaper britside.

Kitchen appliances don’t bother - the price of the stepdown with the required capacity will be more expensive than it’s worth.


Cheers for the input guys! Yeah my tv says 100 - 240v on the back so I’m happy enough to risk the rest!


Just a gentle reminder - travel adaptors don’t change the voltage.

Anything with a transformer (ie, the black box in the middle of a laptop cord) will work - but read what it says. But plugging your transformerless appliance through a travel adaptor will wreck it more often than not.


I don’t think TVs are much cheaper in the UK than in Taiwan (I am living in the UK now). Don’t forget Taiwan is famous for manufacturing these TV LED panels. Here is the place you can look at (if you want to buy a new one) :

But you do need to read Chinese in order to buy them. I recommend this Taiwanese brand: CHIMEI

And for transformers look this one:
(A two-way transformer, 500w 110/220v)

24.pchome is just like the but the prices shown are delivery fee included and it will be delivered to you within 24hrs (with no extra fees) (and no, you don’t need to be a paying subscriber to enjoy this benefit).

In my personal experience, the costs of electronics in the UK are somewhere 1.3x~1.5x more expensive. For free-sim smart phones, the prices in the UK are much much higher.