WCIF The New York Times?


Can I get home delivery in Taipei?
If not, do they sell it on the newsstands?

I know, there is the online subscription, but I like the paper. At the very least I'd like to get the Sunday Edition.

Do you think the university will carry the NYT or magazines like the Economist.
Or like how about ones like Vanity Fair, Esquire, or Cosmopolitan?


You can buy the Economist at a little stand on Shida Road. No biggie. Expensive subscription, though, not worth it, they do have it at the campus library, along with all major publications.

And when you get here we'll take you toEslite...


There's a pretty good version online.

Oops, I see you want the paper...sorry!


You can buy the economist at any bookstore or Costco. The other magazines are available at bigger bookstores and some are also at Costco. As for the NYT, online might be as good as it gets.


The International Herald Tribune is the international version of the NYT. You can find it at most bookstores. Some cafes subscribe to it. You can subscribe to it, too. It's not the full paper, but it has highlights from the regular print edition.

There's also a kickass bookstore on Dun Hua Ln 63 (near intersection with SiWei St) that rents international magazines (mostly from UK, US, and Japan) along with a good selection of domestic mags. It used to be one of those big chain movie/comic rental shops but it went independent a year or so ago. I'm still looking for a store like this in Taichung.

You can get the actual NYT flown in from New York via a few different courier services, but the service costs an arm and a leg. You can subscribe to Economist or any other mag through the publisher; international subscriptions are about twice the price of the regular subscription.


Cool! That's one of the bookstores people were recommending in my "How do I get books in Taiwan" thread haha

"Why, yes. I do get my NYTimes brought to my apartment in Taipei direct from the New York factory. Everyday. :sunglasses: "


Can you give some more directions? Is it the SiWei St near Carnegies? I know the area and can't seem to locate the place.


I've never seen the NYT for sale in Taipei, and that Sunday edition is one of the things I rejoice in on visits home (and reading it leaves me no time for a newspaper for the remainder of the week!).

As others have said, the IHT is available at eslite bookstores (and I think Page One as well), if you want to read the same stories you saw online a couple of days earlier. They have a Saturday/ Sunday weekend edition that is far far thinner than the Sunday New York Times.

Kindle monthly subscription to the NYT is $28 (US); the Saturday issue available right now is $2 - I think the Sunday edition is the same price. There are numerous complaints on Amazon about the Kindle edition missing substantial amounts of content, but I can't speak to that. If you want the Sunday NYT, the Kindle edition is almost definitely your best bet.

My own university has the Washington Post, not the NYT, BUT it's surface delivered so it arrives several weeks after publication. I don't know if that's typical. (And I really wonder what the point is.)

The other magazines you mention may show up in university libraries: if I'm searching Taida's library correctly, they've got Cosmopolitan and Esquire, but not Vanity Fair (mind you, that Thackeray novel makes "Vanity Fair" searches tricky). But will you have access to them? Normally university libraries are reserved for students and staff only. I've heard the public libraries are OK, but I've never used them.

For magazine articles in general: do you know about Instapaper? It's a great program/ app that lets you save articles to read later. I use it all the time for longer articles that I find online, then read them on my iPhone before bed or on the MRT or whatever.

NTU/ Taida's library link, which may be useful to you: lib.ntu.edu.tw/ENGLISH/index_e.htm


I don't have kindle or iPhone. I have no intention of getting an e-Reader. May get an iPhone before getting on the plane.

I wont be a student at NTU. But I will have access to NTNU's library since I'm going to the Mandarin Training Center.
I'm pretty sure just the fact that I'm a student will allow me inter-uni-library access around the island. I can't imagine that would be a problem.

Several week delivery huh? We could go through 4 civil wars, 3 terrorist attacks, 2 assassinations, 1 financial crisis, and the opening of North Korea in that time period.


At my own university I need to "sign out" an NTU library card (a week for me as a teacher I think; less for students) that can then let me into that other library, so I need to plan a little bit. I don't think you can just use your student card at any university library, but with a bit of planning, yes, you probably can get into the other libraries.

Slightly OT: are American iPhones still SIM-locked? If you do intend to buy an iPhone (big if, I know), then I suspect you'll be better off getting one here.


You can read it free at Wooloomooloo, Far Eastern hotel lobby, Hyatt Hotel cheers lounge and maybe some others. The Westin has quit providing it.

You can buy it at The Far Eastern Hotel.

It is not available anywhere at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport.


Thanks for the update, tango42, but do note this thread was last active over five years ago.

Hasn’t the International Herald Tribune now become the International New York Times? I guess that may still be available at eslite, but I haven’t looked in a long while.

And yes, if you want something to read at the airport or for your flight, do NOT assume you can buy anything at the airport! Their English selection is truly dire.

Man, it’s been years and years since I’ve bought an actual paper newspaper here.


Yeah I realize this was an old thread but it kind of fit anyway. Yes the New York Times International Edition is what once was the international Herald Tribune.


The New York Times is also available complimentary at the new Mingquan Aloft Hotel Lounge bar on the top named WXYZ.

I don’t know any place in Taipei where you can buy the New York Times.


You can read it free at:

  • Wooloomooloo
  • Far Eastern hotel lobby
  • Hyatt Hotel cheers lounge
  • Sheraton Hotel lobby
  • Mingquan Aloft Hotel Lounge bar on the top named WXYZ
  • Maybe some others.
  • Westin has quit providing it.

Buy at:

  • The Far Eastern Hotel.

Should be available but isn’t:

  • Taipei Taoyuan International Airport: Not available

Cafes with Western newspapers/ Emirates on the One China Policy

Try the Central City Library for English Language Newspapers, and back catalogue, too.

What is a good English newspaper?