Whalen's (closed while moving to new location)


Tired of having nothing to eat late night?
Can't stand eating New York Bagel one more time?!
Whalen's will be open 24 hours starting this Friday!!
That's right! Great poutines, burgers, sandwiches and cheap drinks all weekend!
We will be kicking off our 24 hour weekend with a pub quiz followed by the late night menu.
Come by to satisfy your late night hunger or come by for some tasty drinks!


Hey All
Just wanted to let you know that Whalen’s will be hosting a quiz night this Friday night!
Bring your own team or join a team and meet some new people!
Lots of laughs, great food and cold drinks.
Prizes as well as food and drinks specials all night long!
Call to reserve your table /team! (02) 2739 3037



That Montreal Madness sandwich is AMAZING.


Love it. Gotta go back for one


It was really crowded today this afternoon after lunch. No seats. Is it like that every Sunday or something special happening today?


Hey Tango, we are generally quite busy on weekends and a reservation especially between 12 and 3pm is generally recommended, however yes, yesterday was a birthday / going away party and they informed us they’d be taking up most of the restaurant and wanted to keep it casual, so we apologize if it seemed messy with bodies standing around and drinking / eating while you were here,


WHERE did you go Whalen’s?! Looks like the store on Anhe Road has closed and I need a Montreal Madness sandwich!!!


Uh oh, hope they reopen elsewhere soon. I just found this on their Facebook page:

To Our Amazing Customers and Friends,
This weekend, (12/8,12/9,12/10) will be Whalen’s last weekend on Anhe Road! We will be taking a break for the next few months as we plan our next venture. We are so grateful for all the continued support over the last 5.5 years in this cozy little Anhe location, but it is time for us to turn the page and on to the next chapter.
We are proud and honoured to continue to be THE place for nostalgic, comfort and hangover western food as well as most everyone’s favourite place for Taipei pub quizzes and holiday dinners! This year, however, I will be going home to celebrate my first Christmas with family in nearly 7 years.
Until we return, if you have a hankering for late night poutines and Canadian beers, be sure to check out our sister spots The Poutinerie & Snack Shack in GongGuan AND Maji Square!
We hope to see all the regular smiling faces out this weekend for one last hangover poutine and caesar as we say good bye to our Anhe location in style!


Speaking of Gongguan, another foreigner-owned establishment Coda is no more.


Can’t say I’ll miss it. The food was pretty lame.