What are you listening to? (Part 3)


Love the Cramps, but that's a so-so album. "A Date With Elvis" really rocks!


What's inside a girl?

I was listening to "A Date With Elvis" earlier and agree. Back in the day local student radio had "People ain't no good" and "Can your pussy do the dog?" playlisted. Those songs were my introduction to The Cramps.


Mr Matchstick, we should do some mutual CD burning.


Politicians in My Eyes, music from 1974 but released commercially this year.

American punk.


Anything by them is worth a listen. I've been a fan for 20 years. Two of my favourites:

Let's Get....
Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon


my brain telling me i should study for a final on tuesday...especially because it's the only final i have and i haven't been paying attention since..the first week :doh:

In terms of music, I'm listening to:

random old trance on my computer

I'm quite too lazy to download music and ruin my laptop, and my radio in my car is broken :aiyo:


Having an ABBA festival today. They don't write 'em like they used to.
Oh, and listening to Oasis greatest hits. Don't want to feel like a total fool for spending NT$8000 on those tickets...Still don't know why, though. They've only got one song and they keep playing it on every album.


Hehe, Oasis are shite!


Yeah, but just want to be able to say I seen 'em. My greatest claim to fame with live gigs is that I walked out of a Rolling Stones concert 15 minutes in 'cos I wanted to buy some gear instead.


I fell asleep on a sprung ballroom floor at a Pogues gig when I was seventeen.


HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME! :blush: I would give one or both of my testicles to have been there.


I ran out of Duracell.

Hmm, 'Bollockless boys wanted, to go to gigs with'.


The Cramps - Smell of Female


Just bought Neil Diamond's greatest hits. Been listening all day. Fire at will, guys. :smiley:


been checking out this reggae channel on youtube

saw this lovely version of World is a Ghetto
youtube.com/watch?v=c1F4ti4lfUA :beatnik:


The I and I be lisnin to da Man, Bunny Wailer. Irie.


Some Serge Gainsbourg and Anna Karina after drinking beer and enjoying a weekend sail on a sunny day. Doesn't get much better than that.



Neil Diamond? :ohreally: More like Neil Dia-monontone. Cripes, I have a wider vocal range.

And people criticize me for liking Cliff Richard. At least he can sing.


neil? he's got a couple of good ones! kentucky woman! crackling rosie. some of the jazz singer ones. bet i'm forgetting a few, and haven't heard a few more


Finally got around to Youtubing a wee girl I met when I was back in the UK, the daughter of one of my sister's friends. Fuck me! She's brilliant! (and somewhat sexy) Amy MacDonald. Do yourselves a favour and click the link.