What are you listening to? (Part 3)


Were you speaking figuratively, or literally? And about the singer or people posting here?

I was at first rolling my eyes and thinking "Here's another no-talent that won't go anywhere", but I have to admit her voice is immediately distinct. MacDonald's voice is reminiscent of Linda Thompson's, though not an imitation.


One would hope she doesn't get ruined by record companies and producers trying to "mould" her. ("Mold her" is more like it. Most A&R types ruin bands.)

Here's a young singer I'd like to hear solo if she ever tried, Aura O'Neill. I've been a fan of the Silencers since their first album and enjoyed their work as Fingerprintz from the early 1980s (they were an anti-new wave band). Jimme O'Neill's daughter (he is the lead singer in the video linked below) has an amazing voice.



Reinventing the Waterboys today. This is the Sea, A Pagan Place, Fisherman's Blues. Great.


Fisherman's Blues is perhaps one of my favourite songs of all time. No, it IS. Utterly wonderful band.

It just... Damn!




Having a late-night session with Mr Jimmy Cliff. A reggae pioneer.


Peace, Love, & BBQ - Marcia Ball

It's spring in North America, after all.

[i]Hear your momma calling you
You can't run and hide
Get that truck a-loaded now
It's watermelon time
Go out on the highway
Put you up a sign
Cut that big one open
It's red to the rind

Sweet as candy
Sugar on the vine
Fine and dandy
It's watermelon time[/i]
--Watermelon Time


That's definitely great stuff. If you like that you might dig these Italians, I've been listening to their Royal Peacocks album a lot since a promo copy was sent to me last month.



My favourite song so far off of GNR's Chinese Democracy:

youtube.com/watch?v=uwTkAp-X ... re=related


John Frusciante - Your Pussy's Glued to a Building on Fire.


It is damn near perfect. I was thinking about this, the other day while iPodding to work. Some songs are just perfect and have a certain symmetry. They seem completely effortless and artless until you realise that there is not a word or note out of place or redundant. I'm collecting these songs to assemble a playlist which will dissolve all human thought.

Fisherman's Blues, Amsterdam and It's All Over Now Baby Blue are as far as I've got. Maybe Tango 'Til They're Sore?


Chet Baker - Prince of Cool. His trumpet playing outshines his vocals. But both are beautifully done. The players include a lot of familiar jazz names like Art Pepper, Stan Getz, Gerry Mulligan, Russ Freeman and Bobby Timmons. Great cool jazz for a hot day.


Listening to Miles Davis' Bitches Brew. Soooo cool!


Well turn it down. I'm trying to nap.


Keep off the grass, Mr Dr. Got Bunny Wailer Sings the Wailers on now. Don't hear you complaining about noise anymore. :smiley:


Stevie Ray Vaugh - Cold shot
Jimmi Hendrix - voodoo child

Eric clapton - white room & Crossroads

AC/DC - War machine


Husker Du marathon ......from New Day Rising onwards.


Great stuff! New Day Rising, Zen Arcade, Flip Your Wig, Candy Apple Grey, Warehouse Songs and Stories. Classics. Who said that a gay band has to sound like The Pet Shop Boys?


The Jam - In The City
- This is the Modern World
- Sound Affects


Leonard Cohen Live in London
Young Marble Giants - Collossal Youth


Jonah Smith