What are you listening to? (Part 3)


I'm listening to a BBC Radio 4 documentary about songs from Vietnam in the 1960s. Interesting.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/archivehour/pip/5f65n/ Note: this link will only be good for another six days.


Can't top that for general weirdness, Yetiman. But I've been playing Everything But the Girl's acoustic sessions. Ancient stuff, but goddamn, Tracey Thorn's voice still makes my eyes hot.


The Fall - Perverted by Language
Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska
Billy Bragg - Life's a Riot
Swans - The Burning World
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Your Funeral, My Trial
Brian Eno - Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)
Geoffrey Oreyema - Beat the Border
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Shady Grove
Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
The Gun Club - Fire of Love
Thin White Rope - In the Spanish Cave
Revolting Cocks - Linger Ficken' Good
Marianne Faithfull - Broken English


All at once? That must sound pretty cacaphonic.


That jp has got some good Long Players.


If I ever got a Springsteen CD, that would be it.


It's too bad the Flaming Lips never released Zaireeka on 8-track. You know the concept - the album comes as 4 separate CDs that are supposed to be played on 4 separate stereos in synch. I had the idea to play a copy each on vinyl, cassette, CD, and 8[track. And then cue up The Wizard of Oz.

On topic: Eugene Edwards, My Favorite Revolution - one of the '00's better Mid-Western power-pop long-players. Holds up favorably in comparison to classic Byrds or Badfinger.


Crikey! How did I forget the Gun Club?

Thanks for jolting that one back.



One time when the National Lampoon Radio Show said they were going to get the Beatles together again, I fell for it. Stupid kid. They had promos for it all week and then I tuned in to hear it all they did was play one song from each of the Beatles all at once. They called it 'Jumble'.


Hehehe John Cage would have loved it.


Willie Dixon's, erm I mean Led Zeppelin's, erm I mean Willie Dixon's, I mean Led Zeppelin's cover of Willie Dixon's song about how this woman needs love, a whole lotta love.

For all his years in the biz, you'd figure that a guy like Jimmy Page would have figured out how to write his own songs without any selective "borrowings". Great tune nonetheless....


Right now I'm listening to a bunch of pagan idolators clanging cymbols, screeching and letting off fireworks outside my window.


Me too. They are listening to that new 'hiphop music' on a car stereo, though.




Jerry Lewis's greatest song and the greatest country & western song title (cause he went country after he gave up the devil's rock'n'roll):

"What Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made a Loser Out of Me)"

Too bad Miltownkid ain't around no more.


What made Milwaukee famous?


Laverne and Shirley! Now they weren't bitter!! Must have been the Sclitz beer! :laughing:


Blur's Parklife

But then I realized, "Why should I be listening to this shit when I could be listening to the Kinks?"

So instead of mid-'90s Brit-pop, I think I'll continue to listen to the Kinks. Much better better than Pulp-Blur-Oasis-whoever is on the charts in London these days. As soon as one of these guys writes a "Waterloo Sunset" or "David Watts" gimme ring, guys.


Aren't The Violent Femmes from Milwaukee?


So Com Voce - Thievery Corporation