What are you listening to? (Part 3)


Neil Young - On the Beach. His greatest album.


Magazine - The Correct Use of Soap. Post-punk at it's finest.


This young lady has been on constant rotation for about the last 72 hours...rocking my world and giving me a fatso in the bargain...

No relation to the previous poster, one assumes...

What would your Daddy say about such language? Thankyouverrymuch...


I don't like her. She's too lazy to paint her toenails.


Aiyo, that chief!


She's me Mum.


Hold On To Me.
The voice of Elizabeth Troy on the CD 'Sincere' by MJ Cole.
He's some UK garage/two-step/dance type sort of dj bloke, but boy, this stuff makes me rock on my chair while I'm writing. It makes me want to go out there and start clubbing. Weird thought at 11:30 am along the Danshui River.


I keep going back and watching this again:

(Fiona Apple sings Costello's "I Want You")


You're Always the Sun by Supreme Beings of Leisure.


Peter Gabriel 4


The Date Rapists on Parole, "Bitch I Be Gonna Slit Yo Throat and Mutilate Yo Corpse"

Eh, it's just a tired rehash of the Gheto Boyz' "Mind of a Lunatic":

"Her body was beautiful, so I'm thinkin' rape"

Kids today. :roflmao: :smiley: :notworthy: It's all in good fun, hell yes. It's not as if y'all didn't have good time fun raping corpses and mutilating women in your good old youth. I certainly did. I had a great time, fucking up shit. Fight the power! Being a misogynistic prick is the best way to fight the white man. I ain't white, hell no, I'm 1/34 Cherokee and 1/13 Irish and half Jewish, motherfuckers. You people keep claiming I'm a WASP just because I be born in the suburbs and middle class and white, and so all I got to complain about is pop-punk shit like Green 119, mothafuKKKa do you understand what corporate white straight male oppression means in the U.S. of KKK? Yeah, like, maaaan......the man is like really hasslin' me and my friends for riding our skateboards and listening to shitty punk rock and smoking pot, I mean, like fucking, maaaan....get off of our backs. It's like a fascist fucking state, you know maaan?


The above post was satire, but jesus, what kids are listening to today, it ain't satire, it's journalism


Iamionu, if she's still around - ain't seen her in a while - will be pleased to know that I'm really digging the Eels. Specifically, the first couple of E albums. A very bitter man, he is. But a great pop songwriter.


:bravo: :astonished:


cycling through a lot of the old stuff lately, and been enjoying pink floyd the most


Piper At The Gates of Dawn is my favorite, but love Relics, Wish You Were Here, Atom Heart Mother, Meddle, Ummagumma, A Saucerfull of Secrets.


Atom Heart Mother, Saucerful, and Ummagumma aren't among my favorites, I like the live side on Ummagumma and a few tracks on Saucerful though. How about Obscured by Clouds? Listening to Echoes now.


Obscured by Clouds is awesome. Do you have the "Live at Pompei" DVD? If not, I will lend it to you. A must see.


Yeah I think that's my favorite, as an album. Hmmm, a kind offer but I may not need to wait that long :slight_smile:


Cocaine Socialism by Pulp.

sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/ ... 34001D3885


Right now it's Weezer's Blue album.