What Are You Watching (TV Series, etc.)?




I finished Star Trek Discovery ONLY to find out that it was the season finale.

Lots of questions unanswered, but I like the series and looking forward to season 2…which I hear should have already aired on CBS on the 7th. So…Taiwan Netflix is a bit slow?


Star Trek Discovery’s first season isn’t over yet. Netflix adds an episode every week, pretty much concurrently with the US. Still 5 episodes to go. They just started up again after the mid-series break.

I watched End of the F***ing World on Netflix over the weekend. It’s 8 episodes but that adds up to about 2 hours 40 minutes total. Not a hard recommend but it was an interesting show. Dark comedy. A little predictable at times but an interesting premise as a whole.


When did you watch it? They just finished their mid-season break, and the new episode became available on Netflix here Monday evening.


The cliffhanger before the mid-season break was a jump to unknown space, surrounded by wreckage; the only episode so far of the second part of the season is them figuring out how to deal with the mirror universe. Which also had me re-watching the Original Series’ “The Tholian Web” (when the Defiant disappears), and planning to watch Enterprise’s “Through a Mirror Darkly”, when the Defiant appears in the mirror universe, about a hundred years back in time.


I think I watched it this past Sunday evening…or maybe it was Monday during lunch.

The episode finished with is exactly the one you described. I wasn’t aware of the mid season break, so thanks for the update! I think I’ll wait for all the episodes to air and binge it come a long weekend or rainy day.


Unabomber on Netflix. Pretty solid