What happens if I divorce my Taiwanese wife?


hi. I am a foreigner holding an Indian passport and just married to a Taiwanese 2 months back in my country as well.as in Taiwan. I have changed my visa to spouse visa . so I’m living in Taiwan under her visa. The sad news is that she cheated on me twice and the second time was a week back. i have proof of the sexual messages with the other person and was wondering what are my chances if I divorce her? Can I still live in Taiwan under her visa but live seperately under law? it was not my fault why I wanted to know what else can I do ? Can I divorce her nd be single but under her visa as it was not my fault. It is an adultery from her side. I am desperate to know the options that I have as I want to live the rest of my life here in Taiwan.


Probably you will need to go home to India…


Not a great outlook , I fear.
If you qualify for an ARC through work in Taiwan, you could revert to that.
Sadly, you will lose your Jfrv, if you divorce, as I understand it.


There’s no law against this, but she may not be too happy about it. The only way she can get a divorce from you is if she can prove abuse or adultery on your part. If you stay married for five years, you can apply for permanent residency (or you can become a citizen after three years, but you have to give up your original citizenship), and then get divorced. That may be a long time for people married in name only to stay married though.


Since the OP can theoretically prove adultery, I would say the deck is stacked in his favour. She clearly doesn’t seem too bothered about the practicalities of actually being married, so perhaps the OP can come to some arrangement. It’d be no skin off her nose (TBH I’m rather wondering why she even agreed to get married). No need for explicit threats of prosecution; she would surely appreciate she’s in a sticky position.


what does op stand for? is there a place where I can go?


this was helpful thank you


is there any place or address of any free lawyers I cn go.and seek help or queries ?


Original Poster. In this case, the OP is you.




Not sure why OP wants to continue living in Taiwan. To me it’d be a reminder of a failed marriage, and I’d just wonder why am I still here? Do you have a steady job here, OP? Your own apartment?


my family lives here in taipei too that’s why I don’t want to leave too…I live in a rented apartment.


Sorry you’re going through this mate…Been there myself and know how hard it is…You do have some options …like get a job in a company and get a work permit through them or separate amicably (come to terms with her) and see if she is willing to let you stay on the JFRV with her…although this is highly improbable but worth a shot. Good luck!


Your wife has probably cheated on your more than twice, its just the two times you are aware of. I would not be surprised if she has cheated on you ten times more than you are aware of. You may want to have yourself checked for STDs.


So sorry to hear about your situation. Why don’t you confront her about those sexual messages on her phone? Women are so into reading romantic novels nowadays. Sexting (texting flirtatious) messages to strangers are ways to escape the mundane relationships most people get into. Marriage is for creating children. People in love do not need a piece of paper to stay in a healthy matrimonial relationship. In love then go on, fall out of love then move on as simple as that. Young couples often have cold feet going into marriage and have doubts after living together for a while. Are you having a great sex life with your spouse? Great sex is the best way to maintain a healthy marriage. When it comes to sex. Just do it. It is the ultimate bonding experience


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why did she cheat so soon after getting married? why did she even get married to begin with?