What happens to president horsey


Me too.


No it's called balance of power.

If the judiciary itself is reasonably independent to begin with, then no one should call the attorney general.

However, if it is already known that the attorney general is the gestapo, then everyone, including the representatives of the people, should exert pressure on him/her.


Breaking the system further instead of trying to fix it. Don't try to justify Wang's sleaziness.


What system?

oh right. The ‡ Chinese Nationalist system.

[edit: Dec 27, 2014]
‡ Chinese Nationalist en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nationalist_government


Well if the DPP wins in 2016 and KMTers are calling prosecutors to throw their weight around, I'll repeat this sentence right back at you. They're just doing what they have to because they're being persecuted by the man, man.


This is the same nonsense that keeps gangsters in position of power in Taiwan. Instead of pushing for legal reform so that contracts are enforceable, or pushing for police reform to that ordinary disputes are handled in a neutral and efficient way, everyone hires a local mafia to make sure the other side honors the agreement, or doesn't push them around. It's pathetic and ultimately self-destructive and I personally have taken sacrifices to my well-being rather than go this route as I know that perpetuating the system does no good.


Good luck fixing the Chinese Nationalist system disguised in the name of a "vibrant democracy." This is exactly the system that messed with Dr. Ko †and prompted him (angered him) to run the election.

[Edit, Dec 27, 2014. Links provided below]

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Yeah and good luck to you relying on powerful men for help and protection.


The judiciary system of the roc organization is a Chinese Nationalist one, manned with Chinese Nationalistic gestapo and ‡political commissars. From ºlaw enforcement, intelligence agents, ªprosecutors to &judges. The same bunch of fascists run the show. The retirees and the pupils pull the strings. Nothing has changed.

The dpp and independents who §work for the dpp administration are considered †enemies of the Chinese state. The Chinese Nationalist persecutes these people ruthlessly.

[edit: Dec 28, 2014]
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That's the better way to go.
Much better than believing that administration change and magniminity together will result in the Chinese Gestapo changing their fundamental thinking.
Balance of power is the only way if Formosan still want to †mingle with the Chinese Nationalist.

[edit: Dec 28, 2014, regarding "mingle with", please see Frank Hsien many many talks about the current state of a "democratic civil war 民主內戰" ]


I'm sure Hok is really enjoying to learn he is living in a Gestapo state. You might want to tone down the insanity a bit sofun.

Taiwan is an imperfect democracy. It has a long way to go but it sure isn't nazi Germany. It isn't even Najib-era Malaysia. Your hyperbole just makes you look ridiculously insular.


Not all departments of the roc organization is gestapo, but the judiciary is.

ROC is not a state. Neither is Taiwan. And also roc is not Taiwan.

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MM FYI about insanity, please check the news and the credential of 林瑞雄.


That's the way it went on for 5,000 years in China, and still going strong.


Kingdom = a government of the people in power, for the people in power
Socialism/Communism = a government of the people in power, for the people in power
Democracy = a government of the people in power , for the people in power


Sofun, I'm curious. What's your ideal situation for Taiwan? I don't mean "I wish the ROC had never" sort of scenario. From this point forward, how would you want Taiwan to develop? Where would you want Taiwan to be in 20 or 30 years?

An independent democracy? Part of Japan? Part of the US? Or something else entirely?


Taiwan should develop into a federation that is dependent on both US and Japan, and independent of China.

Given that China has decided to become the Russia of the Orient, it is not in Taiwan's self interest to be independent from US and Japan. An independent Taiwan becomes viable only if China were to become in the same civilization camp as US and Japan. If China is not, then an independent state will likely be annexed by China in a short period of time, assuming non-interference from US and Japan. This is because independent states still have the potential of being merged or annexed. See for example, Korea, and Singapore's constitution. Again, if China were to become in the same civilization camp as US and Japan, then an independent Formosa would be beneficial to all Japan, US, Taiwan, and China in the long run. (Think 300+years instead of 30 years.)

Alternatively the worst case scenario is the Korea peninsula example, or the Ireland example: meaning that an indepdendent Taiwan state is backed by US and Japan but some territory is carved out, for example Jinmen and Mazu. Half a Korea is still a Korea state. ¾ of an Ireland is still a Ireland State.

Taiwan's independence will be accepted by the Chinese if Taiwan becomes English or Taigi with its own writing system. Mandarin puts Taiwan at great risk. I won'g go further because this is the irony only someone who really understands Chinese-ness can comprehend.

A Federal Government of Taiwan assuming the role of Taiwan Authority as per TRA will be popularly accepted by Formosan. There are many examples in the world where the figurehead is a Monarch or a Governor General. For example Malaysia and Canada. This is full autonomy currently supported by US.


And the fact that the U.S. and Japan would never entertain such an idea makes no difference to you?

You're welcome to have a "dream situation" in mind, but surely you realize this is not even a remotely possible resolution to Taiwan's ambiguous status, right?


One of the commonly used tactics by the Chinese when talking to a Taiwanese is to persuade Taiwan that the world contains only China and Taiwan. The tactic is used both by the Chinese on the other side of the strait and the Chinese on this side of the strait.

The same tactic is known as G2 persuasion by the American. The Chinese speak to the American in a G2 world.

With regard to the Japanese, the Chinese invoke a pre-Korea War world.

The 3 worlds are 3 manifestations of the same.


I do not see how this series of statements addresses my question at all.

Do you not see that your proposal of a federation consisting of the U.S., Japan, and Taiwan is completely unrealistic, if not only because the U.S. and Japan would never have any of it?

I mean I assume that Hok was asking for your opinion on a realistic resolution to Taiwan's status. I seriously doubt that there is another poster on this forum that thinks your proposed federation is a realistic possibility.


someone recently ranked the top 10 kongfus in the world (fictional and real), and Ma's Handshake of Death is number 3.

Getting hit by this kongfu is said to result in illness or publicly disgraced at the least, those who got a direct hit could even die of unknown causes.

So far the tallies of known cases are:
Major injury or death: 37
Major disaster: 10
Losing mojo: 14
Major accident: 13
Divorces: 4
Unexplained damages to aviation equipment: 34
Bankrupted corporations: 2

The effectiveness of the handshake of death is attested by a comment stating her dad shook President Ma's hand twice, and both times ended up staying at the hospital soon after.

Another comment marvelled at her dad's resiliency.