What Movies Are You Watching —2018—


I did and it was so phony.


Because Call Me didn’t win big?


I think it was the part about High Priestess Oprah coming in to absolve the Hollywood flock of it’s sexual assault sins. It was kind of like a Catholic Mass for New Age atheists. I’m sure everybody felt a great weight lifted off their shoulders. :sunglasses:


Uh no? I knew CMBYN wasn’t going to win and frankly it’s not my favorite either.

I thought the opening monologue was crap and the #metoo movement was cringey af. It was pathetic and amusing to see how those privileged women in black gown cheered for James Franco, a sexual predator, Kirk Douglas, a rapist, and Gary Oldman, a domestic abuser, with their fake feminist talks which have gotten so redundant. The hypocrisy was nauseating.


The Greatest Showman is a frickin musical so be forewarned.

Started out frickin boring, ended up pretty fcuking good !


I watched Graffiti Bridge last night.

Oh hell, where to start. As a fan of Prince I’ve been avoiding watching it for the longest time. Everything I heard about it lead me to believe it’s terrible. Should have just gone with that. But I convinced myself that because I’m familiar with the music, it would somehow cushion the blow a bit. Got the courage up last night and popped the blu-ray in.

It really is garbage. There’s no other way to explain it. Prince wrote and directed it himself and I imagine he had absolutely zero outside help. I mean, just because of how bad the end product is.

I do give major props to whoever the cinematographer was. One of the saving graces was how beautifully it was shot despite the shoddy writing and direction. It was also fun to see a young Tevin Campbell running around, but he was under utilized. Mavis Staples and George Clinton show up too. All three are basically pointless additions to the movie as far as plot goes, but I’m a fan of all of them so I don’t mind so much.

I still enjoyed the music - Graffiti Bridge has some of Prince’s best songs (and a few “okay” ones) - but I don’t think anything could have saved this movie from being an overall hot mess.


I watched Brad’s Status with Ben Stiller yesterday. About a man’s midlife crisis.
It’s not really my kind of movie but I had the time.

Turned out to be a good interesting movie that makes you think.


I watched it on MOD. It was just the worst.


Yea, a lot of things on MOD are just the worst.


I watched Killing of a Sacred Deer last night. I’d heard good things, but ultimately I didn’t love it. I didn’t hate it or anything, and it has some gut wrenching moments that really do move you. You know, it gets points for being something a little different and having top notch acting but at the same time it’s not something that I’d ever bother revisiting.

It’s by the same guy who wrote and directed The Lobster. If that was your bag, you’d probably like this too.


Didn’t live to to the hype .


Yeah, not at all. Easy to say you would like this new one about as much.

A few people have mentioned Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri in this thread. Watched it last night and loved it. It’s crazy to think a movie that centers around a girl who was raped and murdered would make me smile so much. It was just fantastic, easily one of my “top 5” for 2017.