What's the very BEST damned burger in Taipei?


I make the best burger in Taiwan. 100% rump steak. Ironic, that. I'm vegetarian.


The best I have had so far is from The Londoner in Taichung. They say the lady in the kitchen makes the patties herself, and it must be true. Excellent and worth shot if ever there.


You have nice buns too.


I like mine with lettuce and tomato. Heinz 57 and french fried potatoes. Huge kosher pickle and a cold draft beer. Good God almighty! Which way do I steer?

The Diner has got to be one of the best. I get the jumbo burger and tell them to hold the bacon. And they knock the price down a little for that.
I like the Old Timer at Chili's too.
And Malibu West is probably the one I get more than any other.

Those are my 3 favorites, I couldn't choose one more than another, but if you factor in price, the Diner is the clear winner.


God has spoken and for once I agree with him. :wink:


Go thy ways to Margaritaville!



I was just hunting for Icon's margarita post. :noway:


I've had damn good burgers from KGB and TGI Fridays. For much simpler yet still damn good burgers, I like Mary's Hamburgers.


Kooks in Danshui (hidden off shifu road) is good and cheap, also hand made patties ... hmmm getting hungry, and thirsty


Q-Bar is still there, and the burgers are the same as before. Taste is subjective as mentined so I won't comment if it's "bad" or "good," but thick juicy patties, a little on the well done side (if you like them rarer make sure to mention it), and "normal" buns (not the sweet smelling/tasting ones so commonly found here in Taiwan). Thick cut fries. Closed on Sundays...


Chili's serves up some pretty awesome burgers. As good as any I've had in Taipei.


Kookz in Tanshui has got to be the best burgers in town. Walking distance from the MRT (though not along the river front; in the alleys behind the MacDonalds opposite the MRT). Big juicy succulent, slightly chargrilled carbon-ish flavour, a hint of Cumin, served in a sesame bun with not-too-much-but-crunchy salad/lettuce. Tasty as sin, and worth making the effort to seek out. All home made from ingredients freshly prepared. Other foods ther are good too; proper chips, a real gem in Tanshui, and long overdue. The owners Emma & Liam are artists & their walls are adorned with cool paintings & other chill-out visuals. Tel: 2625 6161


Horses for courses! If you wan't beef noodles etc. go to a Taiwanese cafe. For burgers or Western food go to a Western owned joint, if you even sniff a local, forget it.
OK there are exceptions, but best burgers, hot dogs, fast Western food, bar local franchises, Mac etc.
Are found in foreign owned joints such as Malibu West,Tavern, Donavons in Damshui or even Burger Queen.
( Philippina owned) No English = crap. Generally speaking.If they put mayo on my burger for example back it goes!

Why do some ex-pats marry a local then believe overnight that they are Gordon Ramsay?
There are pizza joints here that beggar belief, the mark up is well known so they try to dupe the local mugs selling crap. Fair play but don't expect ex-pats to frequent your ivory towers.


My Place will put mayo on your burger if you don't tell them not to.
I had a nice one at Swensens yesterday. The bacon cheeseburger, but I took the bacon off. I also had a strawberry daiquiri and a Long Island ice tea.


I've had some pretty spectacular lunchtime burgers (and fries, and so on) at a place just off YongKang St / JinHua St, called something like California Barbeque (Google maps: here).


Yes. They are excellent. It is California Grill.


The problem with California Grill, and several other places mentioned above, is that they only serve French's Yellow Mustard. French's is to mustard what Japanese porn is to porn, and much like Japanese porn, French's only belongs on Philadelphia pretzels and franks at the ballpark, it's blasphemy on most anything else.

If they don't have Dijon or German or spicy or even a honey mustard, anything but French's, they're just posers.

Having said that, in my opinion, they make the burger patty and bun real nice at California and at Evan burger too. Also Mary's next to alleycat on Lane 240 (?) south of Zhonghsiao S4.


there are a bunch of suggestions here. Can the OP take these suggestions and make a poll out of this post? I would be really interested in seeing which place gets first place.


Interesting thread on best burger in Taipei. Been awhile since I've been on these forums and glad to see our joint Caligrill still gets a mention. Thanks for all the props and looking forward to more feedback.

In response to twotongues...the Dijon is in the fridge! Just ask and you will receive, the reason why we have French's yellow mustard is to make a secret little California thing called "animal style"

We have a real "neighborhood burger joint" focus...I hate "mei ban fa" and my staff knows it. So whatever you can think of, if we have it in our fridge we can make it or supply it. pesto, dijon, extra pickles, quadruple patty, whatever floats yer boat brotha'

If we don't have it or you're jonesin' for somethin' leave me a note and we'll work on addin' it to the menu. We were the first to drop flame grilled 100% USDA hand made patties, low sugar, preservative free buns, and all handmade sauces on Taiwan and we're eager to keep the hits comin'. Just been a bit busy workin' on a new project for all the "amigos" out there :wink:



I like French's mustard. I won't use anything else.