What's the very BEST damned burger in Taipei?


I've got to agree with you there. For me the diner has by far the best burger in town. But other people have other ideas.

I guess the best thing is that we now have a choice. Remember when?...

(even though you are all wrong and the doc and I are correct.) :raspberry: :wink:

A big difference from a decade ago.


The Diner's burgers are too bland for my taste. Granted, they are called CHEESEburgers, but when the cheese has a lot more flavor than the meat, it's no good.

Evan's just gets on my nerves. The burgers might be good, but having to smell manure/fertilizer while eating it, having to deal with the frustration of bad service, having the restaurant closed because of a broken pipe, or getting geared up for a certain burger only to be told they are out of stock of the ingredients is enough to convince me someone's trying to tell me to stay away. I'll "stop abusing your stomach" somewhere else, thank you.

The burgers at the UberMcDo's are alright, but greasy as hell and give me heartburn like nobody's business.

The one time I ate at the Tavern (not my idea), I could taste the burger for two days as it kept threatening to come back up for a rematch. I've met less belligerent burgers at Chez McDo.

I've only made it into Bongo's once and that was on a fluke as someone had canceled at the last minute. I am not a patient person when it comes to ripping ground cow flesh with my bare teeth.

The only ones that do it for me are the ones at Forkers and KGB as I consider service as much a part of the meat as the seasonings.

My :2cents: on The Great Burger Debate...


wasn't gonna add to this thread, just enjoying reading it but have to reply to 1 post. At KGB we make the patties ourselves. We grind the meat, season it and all (the beef, lamb and veg).
Sorry, we do put a lot of work into it and we're still experimenting with the patty. (we make all the sauces too) so sort of felt I needed to reply. We def don't use pre made patties.

That's all, thanks.


I had a lamb tsaziki KGB-er the other week, plus half the wife's blue cheese beef burger. Again, simply top shelf. Nothing comes close. Although, the wife did complain about the cheese -- a bit rough, overly sweet and sharp. She guessed its that Danish blue rather than something a bit nicer from the land of the surrender monkeys. I scarfed the bastard down, though, no danger.


Agree with this. The Diner wasn't what I expected. Didn't taste grilled to me at all.

Evan's has decent food but lousy service. They really seem to be into the teeny bopper crowd, which I don't care for at all. I expect service for the money.

A great alternative to Evan's near Shi-Da is Jerry's Burgers across from Grandma Nitti's. They have good food and service at good prices. They aren't the biggest, but we go to them when we're on Shi-Da road.


A friend bought me KGB burger last night. I have to say it again, they make the best burgers I've tasted in Taipei. Cranberries and soft camembert, sheer brilliance.


I like the food at KGB. But with ingredients like these, I'm not sure you can call them burgers. At least call them Cramburgers or something.


Yeah, anyways, I thought this thread was about DAMNEDburgers, not HAMburgers...


I was going to say my house, but then I realized I don't live in Taiwan anymore.


Ouch! I hate it when that happens!


i have yet to find a place in taipei that had burgers i really liked. much of the time something tastes "off", and i've yet to figure out what. current theories are either the way it's cooked (shouldn't be any different...?), or that they use australian meat or something. maybe it's just me, but the burgers we get in chicago are sooooo much better. even our fast food ones (portillo's) blow any of the gourmet ones here out of the water. after a year and a half, i thought maybe it was just my memory of burgers had gone bad. but then i went to beijing and had an awesome one there, so there is definitely something different about the burgers here.

i've yet to try california grill, which i've heard good things about. agreed about the subjective thing! i really don't like the diner. it's a sorry excuse for american food and too expensive for what they serve. worst burger: swensens...their patty is one of those pack-of-32-frozen-patties ones, and they don't even grill it! sick.


I saw a booth at Gongguan that sells 3 and a half inch mini burgers. They look really cute. But I didn't buy any.


There is a booth with those at the Shi Da night market too but it looked like they had been sitting under the lamps too long. I didn't try them either. They are really cheap if I remember correctly. Something like 19NT?


The mini burger are good value but taste like processed pork in a sweet steamed bun :raspberry: . sigh! It's always the way, you see it you know it's gonna be crap, but you try just on the off chance , stick with the lamb skewers if you see one of there vans around. Not much meat on them, but tasty.


Youze all nuts (the posts since DB's recent post anyway). Carnegie's puts too much breading or mush in their burger - many places do. Everyone's got different tastes but it aint a real burger if it's got breading and mush. And if all the restaurant has is French's Yellow Mustard you might as well pack it in. Yes I'm A-merkin (not the vag wig) but about burgers we're still right (and why should we eat a mustard with a name like "French's" anyway???).

Best burgers consistently are at Gordon Biersch and Dan Ryan's with Very Tasty Mentions at Kiwi Gourmet Burger and (yes) Outback's Mad Max Burger (A-murican also I believe despite the Aussie-style lame name). And at GB you get the nastiest garlic fries you ever had (just tell them you want the fries the original garlic way, and then with extra garlic to boot). Probably plenty of good places out Tien Mu way but let's face it that's THE STICKS brother....


In Donghu, there is a new burger place called Jim's Burger.

It is not bad. Double cheeseburger and fries--$150 NT. Not a bad price.

I would say for that money it is reasonable, and not bad. Actually a pretty sizable burger. I am not sure how much it weighs but I am guessing around 6 ounces of beef.

Dragonbones gave me the heads up on it.

I would say it is worth eating, but not worth writing home about.

I tend to gravitate towards sliders though. I like thin patties, not those 1/2 monster burgers. But so far, there aren't any slider restaurants around.

God I miss those. I was back Stateside in Oct--I forgot to go to my fav slider restaurant!


Best burger I have ever had in Taipei was at Dan Ryan's - had two last week. Real meat, cooked medium rare, not full of unmeat, good cheese, and tasty bacon. Nice baps (way-hey!) and properly toasted. NT$300 IIRC, and worth every penny. And swift service.


didn't read previous posts but the best burger for the best PRICE is california grill...i think i've had a better one somewhere (maybe the diner or bongos, not sure) but never at that price...and they have Dad's root beer as a kicker


The best chicken burger in my opinion is KGB. They do a nice grilled chicken breast, and most of their special sauces or toppings (mango-jalaleno, satay, avocado-bacon, cranberry-camembert) actually seem to work better with chicken than beef. Dan Ryan's burgs are good, and it seems like they grind their own beef (probably chuck steak) because I always get a bone chip or gristle chunk in every patty!


My favorite is Just In Bistro (go google it), its a French inspired bistro that serves heavenly food and their cheese burger is unrivalled, even by western standards. Near Sogo, ChungTsiao. Reasonable prices too.