What's the very BEST damned burger in Taipei?


Just In's burger is good; best dish on the menu, which isn't exactly saying much for a french bistro...high marks on wine selection and deserts, especially the cakes and tarts when they have them. :thumbsup:


If fast food is on the menu, I'd go with the Double Whopper Bacon Cheese. I eat one about every 6 months and find them to be very tasty.

I liked KGB's burger. Forgot the exact model number but it was tasty.

One thing I really dislike about some burger places is that they build em too large to actually fit in your mouth. Sometimes I think it's more about showing wow we make big burgers rather than having something that the customer can actually enjoy.

Maybe some people like a burger that falls apart in their hands. Not me though.


Is it 'not saying much'? or should it be 'doesn't speak well for'?


Either, or. Point is the rest of the dinner menu is lacking.


Have you tried the pizza (Just In Pizza)? Very fresh tasting parma ham and cheese. I think their clams are pretty good value for money as well. And don't go in the afternoon, they have a different chef who is nowhere near as good as the evening one.


Oh, yeah, I do agree. The combination of chicken and avocado was something I had never tried before but it was glorious. KGB it is!


KGB's it is. Beetroot on a burger represents a high tide mark of food culture to me. :thumbsup: :lick:


KGB BABY!!!! With Aioli on the side.


Best Hamburger Ever follows (better than anything I've ever bought in a restaurant).

Mix the following per pound of top-quality, dry-aged ground round:
1 clove freshest garlic, finely minced
1 teaspoon Lea & Perrin Worcestershire sauce
1/2 teaspoon dried thyme leaves from a freshly opened container
1/2 teaspoon table salt

Mix well (with your fingers really really mix it up). Chill overnight.

Form patties with your hands, stack 4 per layer with waxed paper between layers. Refrigerate one hour, then 15 minutes in the freezer. Fire up the grill. Crack ice cold beer, suck as needed. Grill burgers; lightly coat the inside of sliced, cheap, white-bread hamburger buns with freshest unsalted butter, fry until golden brown. Enjoy with fresh-sliced Vidalia onions, Plochman's mustard, Hellman's mayo, Heinz hamburger dill chips, and washed, sliced garden tomatoes (never refrigerated).

You'll never buy a better burger imo. :thumbsup:

PS Cheese on burgers: heresy.


You need to go to the food forum. And take your apron with you.


Get it right. GINGER-infused aioli on the side. That stuff is simply wonderful. No question.
And Wasabi peanut will probably hate me for this, but did you know you can ask for a little dish of their mango-jalapeno relish on the side for whatever burger you have? I had some with a satay burger and it was a match made in heaven -- or at least Dunedin.
I don't know where you get that stuff, Wasabi -- do you make it yourselves? If so, you should consider bottling it and selling it, along with your other dressings. A little display of glass jars near the counter with some tastefully designed labels -- I BET they would sell like hotcakes!


I had a very good burger meal at a newish place next to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall called Burgerhood. The burger was excellent, and the oreo shake very nice. The music was good too. However, they don't take credit cards, and when I said I had to go to the ATM for some cash to pay my bill, the guy behind the counter went with me, apparently afraid I was going to do a runner or something. I know I look kind of dodgy, but it didn't seem very friendly a gesture.


I like that name, Burgerhood.
One time Swensen's let me go all the way home to get my wallet that I forgot. They are trusting.


Burger news from the land of the burger - USA

local.msn.com/article.aspx?cp-do ... &GT1=24000


I also noticed last night that Evans burger is now open along Shida Road.


We'll be in Vegas in July: I popped a woodie readin this! Thanks Tommy...


Have fun twintongue in vegas. Remember what happens outside of Vegas stays out of Vegas !!

And be sure to see "O" from circue du soleil. well worth it. "Phantom of the Opera " was great too .


I've actually seen O and Zumanity in Vegas a couple years back, and I fully agree with your recommendation. If Phantom of the Opera is playing when I'm out there, and they don't price it t bend me over a barrel, we're definitely going, thanks for the suggestion.


That sounds like a damn good burger! I reckon I might try that this weekend.

I realise this is the best burger in TAIPEI thread, but starting one for lowly Tainan would be silly. But what happens if any of you good folk find yourselves down south and in need of a damn good burger and hours from Taipei? In such an unfortunate even ( :cactus: ), here are a few suggestions:
1. Presently, I don't think you'll get a better burger than at Willy's in Jiankang road.
2. The Armory pub (in Gong Yuan Nan road near the train station) used to have the best burgers by far, but that was a few years ago, and although they still have the same cook they don't have the same Aussie cracking the whip down there to keep standards up. So the jury is out on that one.
3. I've heard folks rave about the burgers at Cosby's Saloon and The Hangout, but I've never been impressed by them.

I'll definitely be checking out some of these burger places up north if and when I ever go up there again, but if you're ever stuck out in Tainan in need of a burger, now you know.


"Cheese on burgers: heresy"???? What you talkin bout Willis! You ever throw a slice of Cambezola on there? Instant ejaculatory satisfaction.