Where can I buy good bread in Taipei?


Thanks for the comment - I'll pass it along.

A couple other items she makes that might interest you: She makes an incredible carrot cake - the best I've ever tasted - with a great cream & walnut frosting. You cannot find better carrot cake in all of Taiwan, that I am certain. Also, she makes Cinnabons - almost exactly like you would get from the chain. She has regular customers for both of these in Lotus Hill.



Could you please provide more details where to find this DIY baking supply near the bridge - that's the Minquan bridge over to Neihu, right? Can't think of any other, I remember there're a bunch of aquarium supplies there, but I can't read Chinese, and when I zipped by that last intersection before the bridge last time, I slowed to look for a baking store and didn't see one.



Seems Oma Ursel's (Grandma Ursel's) moved. Note that the address in Chinese in the article refers to the old location (Yongkang Street).


I wouldn't call it "good" bread, but 7-11 now stocks what they refer to as whole wheat bread. It's okay by tw standards and at least it isn't sweet.

Does anyone know if it's real whole wheat?


Eric Kayser at Breeze ... anyone been there? I saw a small report on TV5 about the guy, Googled and it came up that he has stores in Paris and in Taipei too, at Breeze ... and his breads should be great ... read some blogs from travelers raving about the Paris stores (breads) ...


Kaiser good ? Bullocks. As French as Fries are.

Yes, indeed promissing, the first 6 months when he opened. After that, he went local with the same styles of Garlic baguette etc.
Bread is mere better than Florida , thus his croissants and other pastries are OK.

The bread from Dean and Delucca across is even better...


The store is not visible from that last intersection, but a sign with "DIY" is, I believe.

Directions: Take Minquan E. Rd. eastward, cross Fuyuan St., which is the last street just before the bridge upramp; veer right and take the small low road eastward alongside and lower than the bridge instead of the bridge onramp. There's a Buddhist supply shop there, then a tire shop; just past that, at the first alley, turn right, go 100 meters or so, and it's on your left. 義興西點原料行 is the shop name; the address is 富錦街574巷2號 Fujin St. (Lane 574, #2). Phone 2760-8115.


Seems like they have a website yixingdiy.com.tw/


Excellent! Thanks both of you, I'll do a fly by this week.


Does anyone know if it's real whole wheat?

what about Mestemacher?

i saw this brand before but not try yet :sunglasses:


Don't believe all the labeling you see here. Most 'whole wheat' bread isn't 100% whole wheat anyway (even back home; it would be too dense); rather, it's just bread made with a significant portion of whole wheat. And I've seen 'whole rye' that didn't have a speck of rye in it, when I checked.


Are they still in business?

Anyway, I do recall that not all the bread there was made by them, some came from Kayser and some from Florida bakery (according to the labels).


D&D are still in business as 2 weeks ago. They did chanegd their "in-diner" seating though.

Was not aware they purchased their bread from others. Not worth the name :no-no:


There was a place called Paul that is on the traffic circle at Ren'ai next to Swensens. It seems people were all ga-ga about that when it opened.



I would like to introduce the 2 Best Bakeries in Taipei here,
Number 1, a Bakery next Shen Wang hotel at Sec 4, Zhong Jiao East Rd. They have wonderful chocolate cakes and apple pies. I love their truffle chocolate cake.
Number 2, Shun Cheng Bakery which is a chain of retail store can be found nearby many MRT stations. Their desserts are tasty. My favorite is a kind of round, white, vanilla cookie.

:lick: :lick: :lick:


I like Shun Cheng for a local bakery. Their slice bread is good.

The best slice bread in Taipei is from a little, old, unimpressive bakery off Xiyuan rd in Wanhua. I think it's on Dongyuan street. It's been a while since I was over there, I have to go back for a look.

Edit: Thanks google street view. It's "Xi Xiang Feng" at 55 (or close to that) Dongyuan Street.

There are a lot of bakeries these days but my 2 favorites are Peck in the Tienmu Takeshimaya and Johan found in Mitsukoshi department stores.


Do any of these have proper, crusty hearth-style boules, or good rye bread? I can tell you two to avoid on the latter: Flavorfield (worst "rye" I ever had) and Lugar's (whole wheat mislabeled as 'whole rye').


Lugar makes good bread, although it's not cheap and I haven't tried the rye so...
But their ciabatta and some french country bread they make is really nice


is that the 'San Want' Hotel across from Luxy? I agree, that is a great bakery.

I am also fond of a bakery next to the Cathay Hospital (on the extension of 'lane 216' south of Ren Ai). They have nice pita pockets and curry puffs.

there was also this bakery in DaZhi, near Miramar that was basically crap but they sold a sliced croissant loaf that was one of the best inventions ever. It had the taste and texture of a really good croissant but it was the size of a loaf and sliced. I went back last week and the lady told me the chef switched bakeries and now they don't have anyone who can make it.

Has anyone seen this type of bread, and if so where? This particular one would be sold out daily by as early as 3pm.


Never really liked Shun Cheng - supermega local style. I always used to inwardly grown when anyone showed up with a Shun Cheng birthday cake. So sweet and over-the-top gooey.

It's really really popular in Taiwan and I'm sure of good quality, but I never really ate bread or cakes in the 'wan because I could never get used to the tastes.