Where can I buy good bread in Taipei?


Seconded on Lugar at 101 - their sandwiches are absolutely incredible, perhaps the best bread I've ever had. Try the pesto salad sandwich, you will not be disappointed I guarantee it.


The raisin toast bread in flavorfield is pretty delish


Just be aware that they don't have any rye. If it says 'whole rye', it's 'whole wheat'. I already informed them of their error but they inexplicably failed to change it,

so I refuse to eat there.

Yeah, their rye was my only complaint. Oh, that and the fact that they stopped selling fig bread. The raisin bread batards are good.


Still there I guess. We could not take the "BONJOOOUUUL" greetings anymore so we moved one. Mediocre - Japanese style bread. no Sauer dough, Croissants not crispy.

If I say I tried at least 100 HUNDRED bakeries in Taipei- I do not exaggerate. All Chain store bakeries, either visible in Mall's or the small TW local ones hidden in the alleys’ of Shimending, I could make my own Google Map.

Bottom line, most of them use the same old Japanese style ingredients, making bread like concrete bricks, and cakes like fluffy sponges.
Flandria Bakeries are "OK" to a level of acceptable Western surrogate bakery store.


You should try Patio 28 in Sanxia. :wink:


No, I'm still not telling my secret ... :smiley:


Well, that brand Mestemacher is what I normally bought in Germany for packed (eg. long shelf life, for storing at home) whole grain bread. If you like really "Vollkornbrot" style bread (very dark, very moist, even on the edge to sticky), it's GREAT :slight_smile:


What would be your spelling? :wink:


The secret is probably good, traditional ingredients, loving care, a passion for excellence, and lots of experience.


Went back today, completely unchanged, as for the last 30 years probably. Dense yet soft and moist, agreeably chewy, buttery white bread. Made for some nice ham sandwiches.


Having eaten some sourdough German bread daily for two months, I thought about eating sandwich for dinner only to discover that breads in Taiwan are totally crap, too much sugar (why the heck do they do that?!) and takes a load of them to fill me up (and when they do I really want to vomit...) whereas those German bread will fill me up quickly with no ill effects, not to mention they are healthy.

Is it possible to find good, healthy bread in Taiwan, preferably in Danshui?


There's a little bakery right across from the MRT station in Zhuwei, to the left off the pedestrian overpass, called something like Chi Yuan (I've forgotten exactly). They make a halfway decent multigrain wheat bread. It's not as good as Mr. Mark, but if you don't have the time to run all the way into Taipei and want to buy locally, it works. That's the only bread I'll buy near home, usually picking up two or three loaves and tossing them into the freezer. Fair warning, they don't always have the bread, gets sold out quickly, I guess.


Sorry, was searching for German restaurants in Taipei again and caught your response...

What I meant was, http://www.swarzwald.com/ (their spelling)

I guess they couldn't get schwarzwald.com.tw which appears to be available


:roflmao: :roflmao: That is the way we know them our Hosts

They did not put " Dortmund - Paris - Rome and Uberkuchen am Alp " under it though :ponder:
Mmh they must have forgotten it :laughing:


Unterhosen am Rhein ...


I got some sourdough from Carrefour last night. Absolutely top-notch. Along with a basil ciabatta and an Italian herb ciabatta from the same place. Those ciabattas you tear up into chunks and throw them in the toaster oven. DEEEEEElicious!


Unterschwanzen am Mund?


For white-bread lovers, the best to eat still is the Franch "Baguette" as most of the bakeries are pretty doing well with those (well, if they use the right wheat, they can't screw up do thet :whistle: )
A bakery chain called "Mary bla bla bla " is for me the best one.
They have a branch on Xin-Yi and Yonkang street which is always packed (for the oooo to sweet sugarish utter crap )

Note that Maison Kaiser has some new recepies... and strange but thru, not totally upon the market flavors though.


Still haven't found or heard about even one place who does pumpernickel here though (which I understand actually translates from the Old German words for "fart goblin", not sure how THAT happened).


Lugar in 101 has closed. Their lease ran out and they moved out.