Where can I buy good bread in Taipei?


i've read there a recommendation about a GERMAN BAKERY that located around Hepping Rd.
the full map and the recommendation can be read in
just type "Taipei" when it asks for your address.
hope it will help.


I was looking for the Wendel's branch in Neihu today to buy me some Vollkornbrot (also wanted to try the Kosaken loaf as recommended often in this thread), but that area is a bit confusing - I think it's in the middle of the Neihu Technology Park so stores are tucked in under the office buildings (signs are less obvious).

I happened, by accident, to see Boulangerie Le Goût 那個 麵包 on No. 58, Lane 188, Ruiguang Road, Taipei, Taiwan (台北市內湖區瑞光路188巷58號). http://www.legout.com.tw/

Now, I'm quite picky about bakeries - in general, I'm not a big fan of deserts: much more into real European breads. If there's any hint of the local Taiwanese or Japanese bakeries, I will avoid the shop (well, I'll make an exception for red-bean buns, but only because I'm a sucker for red beans! In Japan, they'll argue about つぶ and こし in アンパン).

I was tempted by the Croques Monsieurs, but in the end, I just bought a baguette, this flat pita-like cheese bread (forgot the name), and a pat of unsalted butter for NT240 (ouch!). It's hard to stop eating the crispy cheese bread and the crust of the baguette crackles and has an excellent chewy texture. The French butter for NT80 was also yummy. Highly recommended if price is no matter.

Only later, when I checked the internet did I find that that the owner is Taiwanese Master pastry chef Wu Paochun 吳寶春 (won 1st and 2nd place at Coupe du Monde la Boulangerie, an international, invitational artisan baking competition held in Paris). You can read a recent review here: http://the-aftertaste.blogspot.com/2012/01/taipei-boulangerie-le-gout.html.

I'm also looking for some good sourdough (liked the stuff I used to get in SF) - any recommendations?


Europeans Can Not buy "good bread" (as in "real bread") in Taipei IMHO

For over 7 years, I still need to visit all corners of the city to find something "decent" in terms of flavor, texture, taste, flour used.
The bread - as we know it back home - is still locally "influenced" with tastes and twists to fit the pallet of the "gourmand" TWease.

So, I still buy my Sourdesem bread @ Flavorfield in Sogo 2, the real crunchy French Baguette in the basement of Mitsokoshi, the German pumpernickel @ Wendels, the pain-demi @ my local store, the Pain de Campagne @ the basement of Breeze , the raisin bread @ a store close to work.
The biggest thing which turns me of in calling things "bread-a-like" is the composition inside. Merely all Japanese fluffy making flour with no tast at all.

If people ask me @ home what I miss the most - i do admit - it is simple honest real bread.



I like taking advice from experts who are pickier than I!

Thanks, ceevee369, I will seek out your recommendations, starting with Sogo 2 and Mitsukoshi - btw, the only Mitsukoshi I know is in Tienmu. Is that the one you mean?


Sorry - the French Baguettes were not longer bought in the Mitsokoshi (in Xinyi)
Wife corrected me that I either buy these in the basement of Eslite also in Xinyi (there are 2 bread stores - one is on the underground walk-through and OK but the other one is in the basement itself. These Baguettes can be easily frozen in and reheated in an oven - smelling and tasting as freshly baked without the flour to become sticky)
And if around Yongkan street - corn XinYi - that store also has terrific baguettes.

For French rolls ,- I go to a store near Shimending , but they are mostly sold-out when I pass :blush:


The irony is for many Europeans we don't have any bread from our homeland here. What do I need German bread for? It's okay but not much use to me :wink:.

Not all Taiwanese versions of bread are bad, there is a guiyuan bread that works very well indeed. In fact the baker won some type of international prize for it.


All I can say is, that's hardcore - driving all around town just get the best breads available!

I appreciate the update - I will seek out the basement of the Eslite in Xinyi for French baguettes. That one, Sourdesem in Flavorfield in Sogo 2, and German pumpernickel at Wendel's are all at the top of my target list now!


Here are some European-style bakery leads to check out:

  1. Hogan (four stores) hoganbakery.com.tw/concept/people.php
    The addresses can be found by clicking on the link to each location here:
    hoganbakery.com.tw/eshop/art ... hp?ncid=79
    And they sell online. I've not been there yet but have heard good things. One branch is on Kangning in Donghu.

  2. Le Coin du Pain, Ruiguang Rd., Neihu:
    (They have some in-store samples, and I'm told they sell fair trade EcoGreen coffee too)

They look promising.


Well, I see many people are in trouble because of soft and sugary Asian bread.
I make Italian bread:

Italian Ciabatta 24h rising, ingredients: whole wheat flour, white flour (50% each), water, salt (1% of dough weight), yeast powder (0,5% dough weight)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Panini, 4h rising, ingredients: white flour, water, extra virgin olive oil (only Italian), 1 yolk for 900g dough (optional), salt (1,5% dough weight), yeast powder (0,6%), sugar (0,5%, optional)

Both recipes are knead by hand, the rising takes place in the refrigerator or at room temperature, it depends on the weather.
I never use yeast powder in the percentage above 0,8% to avoid having a bread more difficult to digest. I make ciabatta also with sourdough starter but for people who never tried natural bread, I would warn that it tastes a bit different, and I need 36-48h to proceed it.
My bread doesn't last for a week like the local one, but after 24h stored in a cloth (I don't like plastic bags) it starts to dry and get hard.
Do you want to try one of the product described or just ask me some info? You are welcome to drop me a PM or post reply!


I saw two white dudes making bread at the bakery in B1 of 101.


Found this place recently:
Good bread. :thumbsup:


PeterPan in godforsaken Linkou also has a white Baker. Must say their raison/dark wholewheat 55NTD bread is 2 :thumbsup:

Tempting offer from Micheleru. Sourdough tinted ciabatta is my favorite. Do you sell in-store somewhere?

A bit of balsamica oil & vinegar, some ripen tomatoes and real mozzarella and I simply call it La dolce vita :lick:


I really like the bread at Bread Tree in Da'An District, Ren Ai Rd., Section 4, Lane 151, #23 (麵包樹 大安區仁愛路四段151巷23號). It's a short walk from Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT station. They have some wonderful varieties with free tasting. The three-cup chicken bread is especially tasty, but the other bread is also very good. facebook.com/pages/%E9%BA%B5 ... 6789864882


The french baguette from Flavor Field in some Sogo basements (zhishan, fuxing) is pretty good , just make sure it's not to hard, taiwanese tend to pass on it.


Thanks for the advice, but I do not consider baguettes as decent bread. :laughing:

A baguette is the "fast food" of breads, in terms of quality. Today I was at SOGO and saw what they have there... There is no bread, according to my standards.

This is bread:

And this is how it's used properly:

Yum yum!


Was pointing to the best I found here, and I've been looking. Also whish I could find the bigger breads.


Uma orsel has good bread.


No pr0nography, please! :cry: Ah, jamon del bueno....

Yep, MM, my bread comes either from Uma Orsel -best European style, Peter has introduced a lot of new items, really yummy, great for sandwiches; or the organic bakery at Tianhou -not that tasty or varied, but at least it is safe!


Is that Oma Ursel, and is the address in this linked story right? Are there any other locations?
taipeitimes.com/News/feat/ar ... 2003155483


Yes. For the people who live in Shida or take the Xindian line, the most convenient location is the exclusive bakery store -the others are the combo restaurant with bakery. This one:
Oma Ursel's German Bakery - Xīnhài Store 辛亥店
No. 3, Lane 34, Section 1 Xīnhài Road
It is practically kitty corner to Taipower Building MRT station/across from Kuting Elementary.

Then there is Goethe Restaurant -same chain:
Goethe Gourmet Gasthaus
No. 11, Lane 283, Sec.3, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei
This one is great for afternoon tea, IMHO. 100nt and you get herbal tea and a tasty sausage in a bun.

And now they have a Tianmu "store" -within the Takashimaya department store:
Oma Ursel's German Bakery - Tiānmǔ Store 天母店
B1, No. 55, Section 2 Zhōngchéng Road

Website: oma.ecdiy.com.tw