Where to donate used clothes / clothing / goodwill?


I'm not sure about Yonghe, but in Taipei, you often see large green boxes with the words for "Clothing Recycling" on them. Something like 舊衣回收


We always give our old but good clothes and shoes to the foreign workers who congregate outside in the evening after they throw out the trash. They seem to appreciate the clothing very much.

  1. Be a good Samaritan and donate them to the Taiwanese aboriginals.

  2. There are some containers, who collect old clothers.
    The one on the corner is orange colored.


I saw on the news that some dishonest companies are collecting those old clothes boxes and selling them as new!


I have some old clothing that I'd like to give away to a charity or worthy organization. People have told me that many "charities" actually take old clothes, wash them and sell them for profit. So, can anyone tell me where in Taipei I can drop off old clothes for a legitimate charity?


There are steel, rectangular green bins that you may have seen on some street corners; at least there are here in Taipei. Don't know who operates them, I assume it's the government, but they are for donating clothing.


There is a couple of thrift stores I've been to. They are not connected but each one has several othr stores in the city.

One is goodtrade.com.tw with a store that I visit by the Guting MRT (Roosevelt, the exit by the Fire station).

The other thrift store raises money for the full time care of handicapped adults. The one we donate our rummage sale leftovers to is on Bei Ping West Road, I think it might be number 22. This is a short walk east of the corner of Bei Ping and Linsen N. Road. There is a gas station on the corner, and a motel.


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Back in Canada I could donate clothes and things I didn't want anymore (but that were too good to be thrown out) to Goodwill or Salvation Army.
I'm leaving Taiwan and wanted to see if there's anywhere I can take the stuff in Taipei?

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Sometimes you can see big bins in alley-ways or close to neighborhoods with lots of apartments. You can donate clothes into those bins (Green, I think) and someone collects the stuff routinely. You could also check with local churches or temples.

We have a few things too...there's also a guy in the Peace Park that looks like he could use a few things. I'm going to bring him some clothes I've out grown.

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it is a website that lists all the organization that accepts clothing donation, should be what you want to know.

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Every city playgroup rummage sale, we donate our leftover baby goods to a foundation that cares for the needy, mainly the elderly. The foundation has second-hand stores around Taiwan, and the money they raise from selling the donated products is used to help them in their work - giving food, home visits, doing housework, arranging medical care, etc. They take all kinds of things, household goods, furniture, etc and distribute them to their stores.

Their contact information:
Taipei City Sao Shing Bei Street (Jie) No. 23, 2F (near BeiPing/Chungshaio East Roads)
Tel: (02) 2391-8083

You can arrange for the organization to pick up the goods if you have no transport.

(They usually have difficulty finding someone with good English-language skills so it's best to have a Chinese-speaker call.)


I just put some old but still wearable clothes in the donation box near my house, but I have some more which are not suitable for donation. As well I have two pairs of worn out and beyond repair shoes that I want to get rid of.

So what to do? Just throw them away with the normal household rubbish or is there some other, perhaps more environment-friendly way, to deal with it?


I always let the clothing donation bin people be the judge of what's fit for use and what isn't - I figure if it's not, they'll know what to do with it (ie. recycle vs. throw away).

I'd suggest using a garbage bag for the rattiest items if you want to avoid dirty looks from by-standers :wink:


There are dumps/recycling centers in each area of the city and there are different stations for things made out of different materials, including cloth and leather. They are not usually very obvious; the one here in WenShan is down a small lane at the end of an alley and really just looks like a construction site waiting to be built on. I'd suggest you call one of the numbers on the blue garbage bags and see if they can tell you where the one in your area is.


The first one even has furniture now. The second one is still there, but the stuff is not in good shape.


Our animal rescue group is cooperating with a lovely Charity shop in Taichung. You can take your old clothes, furniture, and household things there and they will resell them. All the money goes to two different animal rescue groups. It's at:

Charity Shop
B1, 150 Min-Sheng Road

It's near the National Taichung Education University in downtown Taichung.


I have some secondhand clean clothes in good condition - shirts, t-shirts, pants, shoes etc I remember in good old England we used to drop them off at charity shops and I assumed some went to thirld world countries.

I have visited Philippines and have seen the devastating poverty there and I think some of my old clothes could be useful to some poor homeless soul.

Is there somewhere one could drop these off and it would get there? Or is that not done in Taiwan?

I am in Taichung.


They used to have clothes banks - big green boxes on street corners - but now you mention it, I haven’t noticed any lately. You could perhaps ask a local friend if he’s seen one in your neighbourhood.

Philippine people are poor but they’re mostly not destitute or in need of charity. It might be an interesting project (for anyone bored with their life as a teacher in Taiwan!) to set up a second-hand clothing store there - last I heard, the Philippine government was encouraging foreign investment by offering residency permits for businesses employing more than 10(?) locals, and business licenses are pretty straightforward if you can get a local to help with the pen-pushing.


maam can you help us donate used clothing…
im from philippines…and i saw many people togehter with their children walking along the streets with no proper dress …i am hoping for your help…