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Anyone learning Taiwanese? (Native speakers welcome, too)

Just an FYI, I started a subreddit a while ago but there’s not a whole lot of activity (as you might guess, considering the number of people who actually want to learn this language). Recently, however, I started a Youtu…

62 February 14, 2020
Dedicated Taigi (Taiwanese Holo), Hakka or Aborigines youtube channels

If you know any Taigi, Hakka, or any Aboriginal languages only youtube channels, please share. Recently, Tsiok-ing-tâi (足英台) channel is made famous by a tri-lingual video response to the wife of Korean Fish claiming tha…

3 December 6, 2019
About the Taiwanese and Hakka Corner category 1 September 19, 2018
Teaching Taiwanese to kids

My wife and I love Taiwanese/Taigi but we honestly never thought to teach it to our 4 year old son on the grounds that it’s utility is limited and we’d prefer that he try and improve his Mandarin. My son is 4 and speaks…

7 December 6, 2019
How to write Hakka and other chinese dialects

Wix pm me and ask me to open this topics. If you know how hakka is written, you can buy the Mac Iver Hakka Dictionary as spoken in Guangdong province available at Cave bookstore. Writing Hakka and Hokkien (S. Min) is e…

2 December 6, 2019
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