03/09 ECLIPZ: DnB/Bass/Dubstep Party @ Revolver 200NT

地點:Revolver 中正區羅斯福路一段1-2號 No.1-2, Sec. 1, Roosevelt Rd, Jhongjheng Dist, Taipei

電話: (02)33931678
時間:March 9th (Sat) 11:00pm-4:30am
門票:$200 附一免費飲料
Price: $200 w/ one free drink

A soundscape journey from light to dark:

After the success of NightZoo’s DNB special last year, LAI, DTR, C-TYPE and STOPPA MC have come together again to showcase the energetic diversity of this genre.

Experience the lighter sounds of jazz and funk influenced liquid DNB through to the deeper darker sounds of minimal dnb/dubstep. Also, expect to hear something from the BASS MUSIC scene from guest DJ SYLVAIN CHAO.

DJ Line-up

C-TYPE (dnb)
LAI (dnb)
DTR (dnb/dubstep)

C-TYPE – This dedicated DNB DJ is known for playing across the DNB spectrum. For the Eclipse party, expect the lighter sound of DNB with soulful liquid sounds and jazz/funk influence.

來自於Drum&Bass發源地英國的C-type是一位很用功的DJ,非常致力於推廣各式不同型態的D&B,旅居於台灣的他活躍於許多地下電音場景如地球革命EarthFest Revolutions/Rumble (Funktion One)/Syncopation (Tranquility Bass),在他的的選曲中可以聽出Drum&Bass樂風中各種細分與演變的巧妙,總是可以把各個時期的D&B做出最好的詮釋。

LAI – An expert at fast paced sets with front-line music, Robin Lai is sure to take you on a journey to all corners of the modern drum and bass world.

DJ LAI自出道以來便透過剽悍精準的接歌持續轟炸舞池,高能又流暢的DJ set已讓他在台灣drum ’n’ bass圈十分活躍。近期舉凡Agnst.Asia, AB Koo, Earthfest Revolutions, Just One Fix, Tranquility Bass, Night Zoo…等派對團體,只要有舉辦drum ’n’ bass party都可以看到他打碟的身影。究竟,DJ LAI的混音快手這回會帶來什麼樣爆裂的set?就讓我們繼續看下去…!

SYLVAIN CHAO – Taking things a bit deeper is a representative from the Taiwan bass music scene. Sylvain Chao has been pioneering bass music through his residency at Underworld and Discoattack.

在09年時受到有Queen Of Dubstep之稱的英國BBC Radio 1 Mary Anne Hobbs的音樂影響,著迷起Dubstep這大不列顛帝國特有的低頻聲響,在當時Dubstep這音樂類型尚未在本地受到重視前就已在默默為它推廣至今,當前偏好UK Bass/UK Funky/Dubstep/Garage/House。

DTR – This DJ/producer has his finger on the pulse when it comes to the deep dark and minimal. An expert 3 deck mixer with forward thinking experimental sounds in DNB and dubstep.

DTR, 曾與Tranquility Bass 及 EarthFest Productions共同展演DNB 戶外party及闇夜現場 ,雖新進台灣DNB市場,卻擁有前瞻思維及超高混音天份, 同時操控3 decks, 並能製作DNB音樂.

鼓打貝斯(英语:drum and bass,縮寫 d&b、DnB、dnb、deenbee、drum n bass、drum & bass等),是一種電子舞曲風格,有時也被稱為丛林舞曲(jungle)。鼓打貝斯在1990年代早期出現,音樂風格以快速的節奏與碎拍的鼓點(一般而言介於每分鐘160-180拍之間)、輔以厚重複雜的低音聲線(bassline)著稱。如今,鼓打貝斯仍被視為一個偏於地下音樂的風格,但其影響力已擴及流行音樂與流行文化。This is for all you people out there in Taiwan who love Drum and Bass!! Maybe you’re a junglist… maybe you’re a hard-steppa’… and maybe you like the liquid funk. We don’t care, as long as you got a thirst for the beats.Keep your ear to the ground, because Taipei and Taichung have been seeing monthly events for a while now (DnB, Jungle, Hip-hop and Dubstep). You’ll find all the party details right here, and If you know of anything else that’s going down, let us know or post to the wall.

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