03 Fitness


Hey guys, I just wanted to invite you guys to try a free class at O3 Fitness. I am an instructor there. https://www.facebook.com/o3fitness/

The class schedule is on the page and the first class is for free. No need for long term contracts, you can pay month for month and if you mention Andrew send you, you’ll even receive a free month. Unlike most gyms, O3 uses programs that get you in shape using workout programs like boxing or kick boxing fitness. Don’t worry about if you’ve never done either, no experience needed, you won’t be actually punching anyone, just pads. There are also other classes for functional training to help you get in shape without the boring run on the treadmill way. Check out the videos for the guide of the gym, and I even explained one of the new classes i’m teaching. And there are advance classes for boxing, muay thai and kick boxing if you want to take it to the next level or you are already looking for something like that.

Let me know if you have any questions!

White Collar Boxing

O3 fitness is a gym, it features Boxing and Muay Thai kickboxing classes. But it also has many other fitness classes and is a open gym. White collar boxing is a event and a separate company in shanghai. Has nothing to with us besides us helping them set up and give them fighters here. It is NOT a fitness fight training program. We do offer pro fighting classes and personal trainers that were former pro fighters for one on one training. But overall, it’s just a regular fitness gym. It’s not a correct representation of O3.

We even have yoga and Pilates. It’s not a fight martial arts gym. It’s one of the features. We even have personal trainers for SBL teams work there to train athletes for certain sports and physical therapy as well. There is even a vertical training program from our personal trainer training people to dunk or high jump. It’s really one of the kind in Taipei. any BOX fit or kick FiT class will never have you hit or get hit. We are just using boxing and kick boxing techniques to get you moving and active. Sparring is for pro classes.

Taiwanese national basketball/baseball team and players have came and trained with us. It is not exclusively a martial arts gym. It’s a fitness gym for beginners to world class athletes.

A tour of O3

Example of a non martial arts class